Sunday, April 12, 2015

What the What?!

I'm generally a pretty nice, trusting person. It's sort of the way I've decided to live my life... it's what makes me happiest, seeing the good side of people, assuming that most aren't out to do harm. Is this a bit Pollyanna-ish of me? Yes. And I don't care.
That is, I don't care until someone decides to take advantage of me. I don't like that. I'm fortunate in that it doesn't happen very often. I may be a happy little butterfly flitting through life, but I'm not blind to the world around me.

Usually. It seems I've been very blind to my own world for just a little while. I'm referring to my world in Second Life, specifically my three little parcels of land.

I put up a greenhouse a few months ago but hadn't gotten around to decorating it yet, so I set about doing that tonight. I was keeping an eye on my prims and kept sort of thinking to myself, "gee... it's getting low." I didn't realize I'd used so many, but I like stuff and have buttloads of little knick-knacks and bric-a-brac around.
I finally decided to look at my land and who owns what on it. It should be just me, and a few things of Hugh's, but... yeah, no.

I know this happens all the time... but some bitchy bitch mcbitchersons had set up this big ass skybox 1,500 meters up and moved in.

Who does that? I mean, seriously? WHO FUCKING DOES THAT? Yu, that's who. Yu. That's her name. Her shit has been returned, she's been banned from my land and, yes, I've reported her. Oh, and sent her an IM letting her know she'd been found out.

But I am pissed. This chick isn't some noob. She's over 7 years old in SL. And she owns a store. A physical one in SL and a Marketplace store. It isn't a new one either. This bitch creates stuff and makes a living selling things. She clearly does well enough to be able to rent shop space. And set up a shop, so she understands prim allowances and LI.

So why the fuck did she decide to prey on me? As far as I can remember, I don't know her. I've never bought anything from her and I don't think I've ever met her. How did she find me, and my little corner of SL and decide, "Hey, this looks like a nice place to live. I think I'll just move the fuck right in!"?
Fuck everything about that. Fuck her. How dare she? What a mean, dirty,underhanded, rotten thing to do. What snotty little perverse moral code does she live by that makes her able to justify doing that? Who else is she cheating? Is everything in her store stolen from someone else? How does she treat her customers? Her family and friends? 

What. A. Bitch.



  1. wow something must be in the air .. I read this earlier today

    1. Amazing... I can't believe so many people have the balls to do this! I wish I'd given some thought to it before I just sent back all her stuff. I didn't even take any photos of the hot pink monstrosity she plopped into my airspace... lol!

  2. *facepalms*
    (I had seen that happen in unattended sandboxes, but in residential parcels? First time I hear of it. I'm sorry :( )

    1. Thank you! It was more annoying than anything. Just the freaking nerve of doing it irritates me to no end!

  3. I realllly wanna know who it was lol

    1. I'm very close to saying who she is. I wanted to give her a chance to respond to my IMs before I outed her. She hasn't... the little chicken shit... but I'm giving her one more chance to respond to me and then all bets are off.


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