Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Digits

It's time for Strawberry's weekly meme! This week she's doing her annual What's Your Digits? meme.

I've learned that comparing yourself to others is a very dangerous thing! I discovered something horrible! It seems that I have T-Rex arms! This is something I've honestly never thought about before... arm length.
Who knew it was so important? More than that, who knew my arms were so freaking short?!

First, here are my numbers: 

Height - 70
Body Fat - 5
Head Size - 48
Torso Muscle - 42
Breast Size - 36
Arm Length - 45
Hand Size - 5
Torso Length - 53
Love Handles - 12
Belly Size - 4
Leg Muscle - 40
Leg Length - 48
Hip Width - 48
Butt Size - 23
Saddle Bags - 34
This is everyday me, short arms and all. They don't look freakishly abnormal to me. Perhaps they are and everyone around me has just been super nice and not bothered to say, "Hey, Macbain, your arms are like tiny little tree stumps". 

makes note... must ask Hugh...

So just for shits and giggles, I made my arms longer. Here at are at a 70.
I'm sure to others that looks perfectly normal but to me, it just looks oddly long. Is it? Or were they odd before? Now when I look at my avatar, all I see are arms. 

I have another shape I wear every once in a while... i.e. when I'm taking photos masturbating. I found that for most poses, my hands didn't quite reach my cooter. Ha! I guess I know why now! My arms weren't long enough! It honestly never occurred to me to change THAT so instead I changed my torso length. I call this shape, creatively enough, Short Torso. 
It's not that much different from my Everyday shape. Just a bit squishier in the middle so I can reach my hoo-ha.

The other shape I've worn, but not so much recently, is my super-small everything for wearing sheer mesh clothes. Try as I might, I just couldn't get my boobs and butt small enough through small tweaks to fit. I hate this shape naked, though. And clothed, now that I look at it. I call this one Emaciated Me. 

Anyway, now to the questions:

Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while? If not, skip to the fourth question.  I do. I tried the Slink demo when it first came out but just wasn't crazy about it. Probably because by the time I got hip to mesh bodies, I'd already seen the teaser photo of the Venus. So I waited. And waited. And then I waited some more. Now I have the Venus and I never take it off. I tried the TMP demo, too... but god, I just hate them. I hate their entire business model from having to load money ahead of time that you can't get back, to the sneaky way they price things so they've always got some of your lindens that you can't spend and can't get back. And that HUD... oh sweet jesus, I hate that ridiculous fucking shopping HUD. I'm sort of ambivalent about the Lara. I tried the demo and didn't hate it, but didn't love it, either. I'm sticking with my Venus.
What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now? Belleza Venus
Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body? Oh, yes, as you can see above. Prior to getting the Venus, I really never changed my shape at all. For my first several years in SL, I wore a shape that wasn't modifiable. I had been told it was from the BEST place to buy shapes and never questioned it. Eventually, I started wanting to tweak things, but couldn't. That was around the time I left SL for over a  year and when I came back, I went shape shopping and found one I really liked, and it was modifiable. Purchase made, looked great, then I started tweaking and changed pretty much everything and made it unrecognizable from the original shape I bought. Now with the Venus, I'm constantly tweaking little bits here and there to fit mesh clothing. I haven't gotten it exactly right yet, but I'm holding off until the next release of the Venus, with the promised additional alpha cuts, before I tweak much else. I still have lots of trouble with my shoulders poking through mesh clothing.
How do you feel about mesh bodies in general? For me, they are wonderful. I just think it looks absolutely incomparable to the standard SL body. It might have flaws in being too perfect but I'd much rather deal with that than the sharply angled standard body. Boobs aren't supposed to be octangular, damn it! As for parts other than the body... Slink's hands and feet are fabulous. The Lolas I had before were fine, but I couldn't make them small enough. I demo'd the Phat Azz and just laughed at how ridiculous it looked. I've tried mesh ears and mouths... no, thanks. And mesh heads? No way. Not until I can make one look uniquely me.
What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies? Well, I can really only speak to the Venus and Tricky. I do have a lot of issues with it, the main ones being communication, or lack thereof. Back in November, Tricky told me there would be an update in January. Well, it's now April and nothing. But worse than that, nothing from him or his staff to update their customers. I have a BIG issue with this and it's almost enough to make me go back for the Lara and try it again. Belleza has two different inworld groups, a website, a Flickr page, Facebook, etc, just there is just dead air about the problems with the Venus and the promised update. This infuriates me. There is so much talk and speculation... and all Tricky (or Felicity) has to do is a quick social media update on the progress every few weeks. And when I complain, I get the fangirls bitching at me because Tricky is soooooo busy and I just really need to learn some patience. Fuck that. I would take five minutes. My other issues with the body and HUD itself are the HUGE need for more alpha cut options and a bloody neck fix that works in WL settings other than CalWL and, for god's sake, pubic hair options! As well as a vagina options in different states of arousal. If they can do push up boobs, they can do that, too. Oh, you only asked for one thing. Oops. 

Now I've gotten myself all mad at Belleza again. Off to the Maitreya store to try the Lara again!

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