Sunday, April 26, 2015

Celebrating Life and Joy.

Told you I'd get back to the pervy stuff!

Where is my brain these days?

It was only Wednesday when my brother died. I loved him dearly. He was such a great human being.
Yes, I know it's weird to be talking about my brother's death and posting these photos, but bear with me... I do have a point!

It was just about a year ago when my brother was diagnosed. THAT, my friends, was the tragedy. His death was not. He was in so much damn pain. And he had made his peace with the world. His death was fast... mercifully, blissfully fast. And there is nothing tragic about that.

I've been mourning him since last July when we found out about the cancer, and that it had progressed too far to be cured.
So now it's over. He's gone and no longer in pain. And it's time to celebrate life.

Because it is beautiful. Life is amazing. And there is no better way to express the love of life than making love with Hugh.

With everything going on, I've not been able to see Hugh since Andy passed away. Tonight was our first chance for him to take me in his arms and comfort me.

We did what we do best... love each other. Our joy just overtakes everything else happening and completely embraces us. It's our celebration of life and love.

It's joy.
This man always knows what I need. We love and we laugh and we talk and we love again. We smile and get goofy and whisper words no one else will ever hear and we bask in the glow of what we create.
We are unabashedly selfish with our time, with each other. We make no apologies for closing ourselves up in our own happy, perfect world.

That's why we're here, in Second Life. All those other responsibilities can be put on hold for those hours we spend together, and get lost in each other.

And it's marvelous.
So I'm done mourning.

I am sad that my brother is no longer with me, but I'm not selfish enough to wish he were still here, in the pain he was in. I am happy that he's gone... to whatever is after life on Earth. Nothing, something. I don't know. But I'm over the moon with joy that he is no longer suffering.  
There will be times ahead, I know, when grief pushes its way to the forefront. There will be those moments, and tears, when the missing him overwhelms me. That's the selfish part... when I miss him and wish he could still be whole, and healthy, and making me laugh.
But I have this guy. And so many other amazing people in my life to love. And to celebrate life with. And joy.
(I got hungry and had to go back for seconds.)
We loved until the sun set, then we loved again. And had some pretty amazing orgasms along the way.

I was overcome with love for this gentle, amazing, sexy, smart, funny man tonight. I couldn't tell him enough, couldn't show him enough. I get overloaded with passion and joy and it just pours from me like a raging waterfall and, god, I love every second of it. Love being able to give that to him, and get it back tenfold in return.
Thank you, baby, for being my rock. My lighthouse. My home. I love you, always.

(Also, I love my new sofa from Stockholm & Lima! Go! Buy their stuff! You won't regret it!)

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