Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Miss Him

Hugh and I are in one of those unfortunate spots right now where we're unable to see much of each other. 

First it was because of my dad, and now that things have calmed down on that front, he's got a whole lot of real life happening right now.
This happens from time to time and it's unavoidable... and (depending on the type of situation keeping us out of SL) healthy. Real life comes first. Always. Not just because it has to, but because it should, and it's good.
But, damn, I miss him.

I really, really miss my baby.
I miss the sex, yes. Even though he's the star of my very, very frequent masturbatory fantasies, nothing compares to having him actually with me. Nothing compares to being in his arms, to having my mouth on him, my hands... nothing compares to having his cock buried deep inside me.
But more than that... much more than that... I miss him.

I miss his presence. The warmth and comfort... the laughter... the long talks about absolutely nothing of consequence and matters of great importance. The solidness he brings. My companion. The yang to my yin.
I am a complete person, both in RL and SL. I don't need a man to complete me. Yet while I'm still whole without him, I still don't quite feel complete. Not fully balanced. We are a part of each other... an ethereal addition to two human beings who have reached beyond the limits together.
I'm lonely. Not alone, as he's still a part of me, and always with me, but lonely for his presence.
And while it sucks, there is also a giddy anticipation inside me because I know what it'll be like when we're able to be together again. The fire. The bliss. The full-bodied comfort of being with my man again.
My partner. My lover. My best friend.

We will do our intimate dance. We'll reach the pinnacle of ecstasy and we'll revel in it. We'll laugh and sing our joy to the heavens.

We'll pour ourselves into each other, and when we're breathless and sweaty and spent, we will share secrets smiles and murmured, whispered words and we will be balanced again.
So... I miss you, baby. I miss my Person.

And I know you're thinking of me... I can feel it. It surrounds me with warmth and comfort and strength... and joy.
But I want you, Sugarplum. And I'll be here waiting... for you. Only you. I am yours, as you are mine.


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