Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Big, Beautiful Blonde

I had to miss Strawberry's Monday Meme last week due to... well, you know, my dad's thankfully unsuccessful suicide attempt

And then I had to start a Tumblr blog and port everything over since Blogger decided to get rid of all their adult blogs... and then reversed that decision in short order due to the backlash they received. 

I only had the chance to make one post on Tumblr before I received the happy news that I didn't need to move after all. I'm not feeling any particular urge to copy that post over here so... there it is. It was an update on how my dad is doing and if you don't feel like clicking over there to read it, Dad is fine. And again, thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me during what was a horribly difficult time.

Anyhoo... here we are again! And I have time to do Berry's Meme this week! This time we were presented with an avatar transformation challenge. The only (very loose) rule was to not change your gender or your species.

I went with big and beautiful.. with a caveat. First off, this shape is much closer to my actual body shape than my SL shape. Surprise, surprise, right? I've never made it a secret that I'm overweight in RL but it's still difficult to show that for the world to see. Here it is, though.
The caveat I made to the real me, in addition to the blonde hair, is the pouty face that I hate in Second Life. I know it's a popular look, and to each her own, but I just despise that miserable, unhappy look. Vapid, disinterested, vague and blank. I'm not sure why anyone would willingly choose that look, but whatever, right?
So here's big, beautiful, blonde Beth. I found this challenge to be pretty uncomfortable and quickly changed back after I snapped these photos. I guess it's just too close to the real me, except for the head. Read into that what you will. :-)
Now... the snow is over, I'm back to looking like myself, and most importantly, my dad is working very hard to find his happy place again. Let's get back to some normalcy, shall we?

They're predicting 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow... #$^*#^$%*#

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