Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Spend A Snow Day

In order to properly enjoy a day when one is supposed to go to work yet finds that the snow plow has buried your car, it's very important to start things off by jumping on the bed.
And since it's approximately -1 billion degrees outside, a hot bath is in order.
WITH bubbles.
Now that's more like it. But it gets lonely after a while. It's good to invite a friend to stop by.
It helps when your best friend is also your lover.
It's been a few days, so... well... you know, stuff happens. Sex stuff. Naughty words lead to naughty deeds.
And a very naughty ride on my man's very naughty cock.
I think he approves of my new bathtub.
And then we shared some secrets.
Like about how tonight I'm going to remove his pants with my teeth.
He thought that sounded life a fine idea.

So... that's how I spent the first half of this snow day... Who knows what the second half holds?

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