Thursday, January 1, 2015

There is SEX in Second Life!

Hey, you guys? I'm afraid our secret is out. The world knows there is sex in Second Life!

I know it's shocking... because there is absolutely no place else out there where there is sex. Not on the internet, and certainly not in the real world!

At least if there is, Marion McDonald has never had it. Who, you may ask, is Marion McDonald?
He's the fellow who wrote this little piece about Second Life recently.

Mind you, it appears that he didn't actually log into Second Life before he wrote it. And stole a bunch of photos of SL from well over 5 years ago.

Oh, and he's a really atrocious writer on top of it all.
It doesn't seem that there was actually a point to his little story. All he did was point out that there are furries, prostitutes, strip clubs and baby unicorns.

As if those are all things that are unique to Second Life. Unfortunately, as far as I know, baby unicorns don't exist in the real world (what a shame!) but I've no doubt they exist elsewhere on the web.
It was lovely to see the Second Life community come together in the comments section to drag this schmuck over the coals. Inara Pey, in particular, wrote a wonderful rebuttal so I don't need to rehash what she already so stated so eloquently.

I'd like to look at it from another angle.
Yes, god damn it, there IS sex in Second Life.

And there is not one single fucking thing wrong with that.
Does it often stray from the vanilla? Yep. So what? Much like in the real world, there is every flavor of kink in Second Life. Why is this a problem?

Oh, it isn't.
I mean, yes, we're all aware that there is hidden (often not so well) age-play and yes, that is fucking disgusting as all fuck, and I do hope you, like me, report it any time you run across it. I've reported my fair share of sick sons of bitches, and I will continue to when I'm unfortunate enough to stumble upon it.

And even far more sadly, it exists in the real world. Again, that isn't a illness unique to Second Life by any means.
But aside from that, so fucking what?

None of the commenters on Marion's story pointed that out. So fucking what if there is a lot of sex to be found in Second Life? There's a shit ton of other things if virtual sex isn't your thing. That's awesome. That's one of the amazing things about Second Life- everyone can find something. From AA meetings to church services to art galleries to, yes, vore (which squicks the fuck out of me, by the way).
I am so god damn sick of people on this planet acting like sex is something dirty and wrong and perverted. Sex is a beautiful thing. As long as all involved are consenting adults, it's truly marvelous.
I hate that the big voices in Second Life shy away from it... even though they're doing it, too. Or most of them are. I know SL hit the news a few years ago for the age-play thing. I remember seeing the stories, too. And it tainted Second Life. It did. It was a massive PR shit-storm and I know it's natural for everyone to try to draw the focus away from the more lurid aspects of Second Life, but to what end?
We are sexual people. I love being able to log into SL and let that side of me out to play. Because I can't do it, to the extent I do here, in real life. And that kind of sucks. I have to keep this part of me hidden for the most part and I adore Second Life because I'm free to be who I am here.
I wish... oh how I wish... that we could let it out in the real world. But we're never going to get to that place when we keep shaming sex.

There is nothing shameful about it. Nothing. Not in the real world, not in Second Life.
And in Second Life... it's safe. If you're intrigued by BDSM but don't know anything about it, it's a great place to start learning. A closet furry that wants to find like-minded friends? SL is a great place for that. What's the number one female sexual fantasy? Rape. Is that an easy fantasy to explore in the real world? Oh, hell no! That can be dangerous as all fuck.

In SL, though? If it gets too much, too rough, too whatever...? All you have to do is hit that little X in the upper right-hand corner.
Not to mention how intense virtual sex can be. Nothing will ever replace the feel of actually being skin-to-skin with another human being, but... god, it can be even better.

I can only speak for myself here, but the connection I have with Hugh... the emotional connection, the love... and the freedom to be our truest selves makes the sex we have unlike anything I've had in the real world (and trust me, I've had plenty). When we're together, my brain is completely engaged and, god, is that erotic! And because of that mental engagement, it becomes incredibly physical.
I don't know how to explain it... unless you've experienced it, it's hard to imagine how real it can be. When we're having sex, miles and miles of physical distance between us, it's real. It's real.

And it's absolutely the very best. The orgasms I have when I'm with him... oh, no, they aren't fake. They are vivid, excruciatingly intense, deep, full body orgasms... from my brain to my toes and every point in between. In all of my years of having sex (I lost my virginity at 17), it's never been like it is with Hugh.
When we're finished, my body is wrecked. I'm spent. Sated. I feel like I've been fucked... because I have.

We're both very aware that we're just staring at pixels on the screen. But in those moments, those hours, when we're together... we are together.
And I'm getting off point (again, as I do when the subject of my love comes up). And yes, I do have a candle stuck in my ass. And that's okay. THAT is the point. It's okay to be sexy, be kinky, be perverse, explore, fuck, whatever, in Second Life.
And it's fucking okay to talk about it. To acknowledge its existence, its place in Second Life. It is a HUGE part of the experience for a great many of us and I'll be damned if I act like that's a shameful thing.

Be yourself. Be proud. Embrace your sexuality.

Or not. That's okay, too, but don't deny its existence for the rest of us.

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