Sunday, January 4, 2015

So There's This Girl...

She hangs out at one of the same places I do. And, yes, it's a sex place.
And every single time I see her, I am filled with rage.


Well, first off, she wears a titler, and those are bad enough. However, this particular one shouts at you to read her profile.

And what do you see when you open her profile? "NO IMs!" Then she goes off on this little tirade about how IMs are for friends only and how people are such idiots to dare approach her.

This absolutely enrages me.
There is something I've noticed in the last few months... this attitude isn't unique to her, and it isn't unique to Second Life. Recently, there was a video released of some woman strolling through New York City and it documented all the "harassment" she received by men she passed.

When, pray tell, did paying someone a compliment become sexual harassment? When did saying hello to a stranger become a form of molestation?

Look, I'm not excusing men who get out of line... it happens and I plan to address that pickle in a future post.
But this one is about this new breed of Tumblr feminism that paints every public interaction as harassment. Somehow, a group of young women have decided that men are not allowed to ever approach them in public. No, gentlemen, you cannot say hello to a woman you see at the bus stop. You cannot say "Hey, you look really nice today."

And, oh my sweet jesus, this is such bullshit.

My first inclination was to call these women out for being bitches. The problem with that is that, well... firstly, I adore female dogs. Secondly, I hate that derogatory term for women.

No, these women aren't bitches. They're just non-gender-specific assholes.
Girls, I know you're young... but we figured out way back in 1954 that "separate but equal" doesn't work. It just doesn't. And this asinine effort to place your gender above the fact that you're, first of all, human, is embarrassing.

Every man does not want to fuck you. Every man is not scheming to violate you and oppress you.

Shockingly enough, some men are just nice guys. Some humans are just nice humans. Paying someone a compliment is not necessarily an attempt to get in your panties.

Sometimes people just say nice things to other people. Is it really going to kill you to say "thank you" and move on? How in every hell is that oppressing you?

Stop being assholes.
Your gender does not give you some sort of license to pick and choose who gets to speak to you. Having a vagina does not give you the allowance to stop being a fucking human.

You are doing women no favors. You are doing humanity no favors. You're simply being a rude asshole. And you are embarrassing the fuck out of me. To use a term the new feminists have appropriated, check your privilege.

What does it cost you to be nice? Bringing this back into Second Life, yes, I get unwanted IMs. Some of them I do ignore. The ones who are vulgar... and the ones who start the conversation with a term of endearment that isn't appropriate. And, guys... no term of endearment is appropriate to a woman you've just met. I'll get into that in another post, too. Women aren't the only guilty ones, fellas.
So yes, sometimes I do ignore the IMs I get... but more often than not, I school those guys in why their approach was wrong. I often get an apology... and even more than that, I hope they reconsider their method of approaching women.

But someone just saying hi to me? Or telling me I look nice? I say "thank you" and move on. It costs me nothing but a couple seconds of my day. I'm not forced to do this... it's just what you, as a human, fucking do when someone speaks to you. Acknowledging a compliment is not oppressing me. And it's not fucking oppressing you, either, sunshine. And though I don't have any interest in these men, it's lovely to be complimented. It improves my day.

That's what a compliment is... something that acknowledges to another person that someone else appreciates something about them. It is a very sweet thing for a human to do for another human.
It is not harassment and stop trying to turn something lovely into something foul and dirty. It isn't. It just isn't.

And being kind to your fellow humans is... just a wonderful thing, and increasingly rare in this world we live in.

So ladies, stop being assholes. Stop going through this life as if every man is out to get you and hold you down. As a fellow woman, I'm telling your right fucking now to just stop being assholes.
You're not just setting the cause of true feminism back eons, you're setting humanity back.

And you're making me mad. Stop that.

Be a fucking human. It's a simple as that. Put your gender in second place. Being human comes first.

Be a fucking human.
SJWs, I'm coming after you, too. You're on my list. Be warned.


  1. Thank you for putting this so well !

  2. Ok how do I follow this? I can't. cos it's epic. Seriously.

    I love compliments. It's part of why I bust my hump to look as good as I can. Granted, when i get "hey u wanna fuck" from Joe Newb Avatar, I think, "I primped myself up for this?"

    But if he says "wow, no one told me you could look like THAT here" then I know I've got someone interested. intrigued. HOOKED, if you will. And that's the other reason why I enjoy this adult playspace - we can PLAY.

    So yes, ladies, damp down the attitude, try smiling once or twice. And yes, I knowm IM's out of the blue can be jarring, like the phone ringing when you're (unnf!) just getting nice and warm and sweaty with someone you really want to show your orgasm face to... but at the same time, these folks only want to make friends.


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