Friday, January 30, 2015

We Memed!

So Hugh and I decided to do Berry's meme this week. The task was to turn our avatars into movie characters.

This was really the first time Hugh and I have collaborated on any sort of photography project... and OH MY GOD, we had a blast putting it together!

He came up with the theme, built the set and created all the lighting... I provided the bed, the ceiling fan and the pose, which we had to tweak just a little bit. Really, this was mostly all Hugh's work... with the set and the lighting, as well as coming up with the idea... and doing the photography and the editing. Really, I just wore a blonde wig and posed.

Here's what we were going for...
And here's the final version we (he) came up with... 
I think we (he) did pretty damn good!

And we had such such fun making this, we'll be doing more!

Thanks, Berry, for planting this wonderful idea in our heads!


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