Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Support Belleza

Well, this is predictable, isn't it?

Doesn't make it right, or in any way acceptable, but we knew this was coming. Some anonymous halfwit has filled a DMCA against Belleza and the Venus mesh body.

Just like they have against every other mesh body part on the market.
You know I've had some issues with the Venus... I've bitched about it here, I've bitched about it on Facebook, I've bitched about it to Felicity and  yes, I've even bitched directly to Tricky.

But I love this body, flaws and all. Flaws that I feel confident will be fixed. Everyone knows Belleza is original. Everyone knows. They haven't created the brand they have, with the longevity they have, by stealing other people's work.
I am fucking furious this is happening. This is such complete and total bullshit. If you don't know about DMCAs, I suggest you read up on them.

And then read up on Linden Labs policy for dealing with them. I'm honestly not sure they have a lot of choice in the matter (I am not a lawyer) but it's clear that there is a flaw in the system.

Simply taking the word of someone... anyone... who files a DMCA has allowed for the proliferation of these false claims. They're easy to make, don't have to be based on one iota of truth, and even when it's thrown out, the damage done to a creator can be irreparable and costly.
I know there is a gigantic problem with thievery in Second Life... hell, anywhere on the internet really, but... come on. There has to be a better way than this. I don't know what it is, but there has to be a better way. This punish-now-ask-questions-later doesn't work. It's going to lead, as the culprits so very much desire, to creators packing their bags and leaving. It's already happened to some.

I am very thankful that Tricky and the Belleza folks aren't taking this lying down. I hope that the asshats who filed this DMCA soon realize they've chosen to fuck with the wrong people this time.
And as for these asshats? Well, seriously... fuck you. You childish, immature, inbred, jealous, untalented piece of shit. Competition scares you that badly, eh? I'd love to know who you are, you anonymous chickenshit. I simply can't abide by bullying and threatening behavior hidden behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

If you truly thought for one hot second that Belleza stole something from you, you'd have the balls to strike at them head on. Show us your product side by side with Venus and let us see. Show your cowardly face, you shit-stain.

But you can't, can you? Because they've stolen nothing and have the copyrights to back that up. 

What a sad, pathetic life you must lead. How miserable your very existence is on this planet that you find amusement in these games you play with others lives and livelihood. 

Those who take pleasure by stealing other's joy are the worst of humanity. You're a bad person and you fail at being human.
So, yes, I'm livid. I fully support Belleza in their fight against this anonymous troll and have no doubt that they will come out on top.

And as a side note, did you know it's #GivingTuesday? Have you made your donation to your favorite charity? Why not? Do it now!

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