Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Had A Topic

 I did, I swear.

And I'll get to it eventually.
But I just can't do it tonight. My brain won't focus where I want it to... instead it's going off in another direction, one I'm not ready to share.
I hate December, though. I want this month to be over with.
Things get too out of sorts... normalcy disappears in December.
I don't deal with it well. I rely on a routine. I like when things stay the course.
That's not possible in December. Shit just goes all over the place. People scatter, lives are interrupted.
Yes, I have depression. Treated, yes. Under control, yes. As long as things keep flowing smoothly, everything is good. It's good.
Nothing flows smoothly in December and it throws me off kilter. I need the stability of January.

Because I'm freaking the fuck out.

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