Friday, December 26, 2014

Festivus... for the rest of us!

In the midst of all the Christmas hooey, I completely forgot about Festivus! It was on the 23rd and I completely blanked on it.
I really should embrace it more than I do... it's really perfect for me, though I absolutely hated Seinfeld. I know, I know... shame on me. I just thought it was... much like Friends, a show about a bunch of really horribly unlikable people.

Festivus, though... there's something to that.
Especially one particular part.

Yes, ladies and jellybeans, it's time for my Airing of Grievances!

I'm going to try to keep this list to SL related things.
In no particular order...

"See Item In Second Life" on the marketplace... TPing to a giant store and having to hunt for the item. Grrr...

Enormous implant boobies that look like balloons
The HUD on the Lover's Playground furniture. There has to be a better way to organize the textures than the current clusterfuck. 

Gorgeous builds in Second Life that are always, always empty. Maybe this makes me sad, rather than pissed off, actually.
People that have a Flickr account for their SL avi and post photos of their RL selves. I don't wanna see that.

On that same note, people who post pictures of their children. That's some damn fine parenting right there, people. First photo is of you (SL you) tied to a cross, naked, covered in whip marks, jizz and/or blood. Probably being fucked by some sort of wildebeast or something. The next photo is of your (RL) toddler petting a puppy. What the fuck? For starters, your child isn't old enough to give INFORMED CONSENT to you creating a digital footprint for them in the first place. Secondly... just seriously? Why? Get your ass to Facebook with that. Your REAL FB, not your SL FB.
Women who loudly and proudly proclaim themselves to be a bitch in their profiles. Ladies, being a raging bitch is nothing to be proud of. It's an insult to strong women. We've been struggling forever to be treated equally... being a thunder cunt sets us back eons. Stop that shit. 
How hard it is to find good original mesh clothing, and when you do find a designer, how long it takes for them to put out new stuff. I have the lindens... I'll spend them if you give me stuff to spend them on.

On that subject, the plethora of "designers" who just buy templates and apply textures, leading to thousands of items on the MP that are just copy-cats. I don't care that you bought a full perm template. You aren't a designer.  
All the gacha items on the MP. I get that there is a market for that stuff... but, geez, it's annoying having to scroll through it all.

Trying to TP to new shopping events when they first open and getting the "region full" message over and over.
Being bored in SL and having not a single friend online.

Frowny-faced avatars. Why so miserable? Adjust those lip sliders! C'mon... you can do it! Smile! Smile, god damn it! Frowny-face doesn't make you look exotic and mysterious... it makes you look constipated.
Along the same lines... using those facial expression HUDs. Oh, people... they're just awful! Nobody's face looks like that! No matter which expression you choose (with the exception of the open mouth- handy for sex) they all make you look like you're embarrassed and in pain. 

Recently, I've found myself being subscribed to things I never subscribed to. Buying an item in your shop does NOT mean I want to be spammed with all your new releases. I know how to subscribe if I want. Doing it without my consent is a sure-fire way to insure that I'll never buy from you again.
Hideously ugly BDSM furniture. And how about some lite-BDSM options? Dutchie does it right. Others should learn from Froukje's success.

I hate the music in most of the clubs. Especially the types of clubs I'd enjoy if it weren't for the atrocious music. I know it's completely subjective. But holy God, I hate house music. Trance, industrial, techno. I hate it. Cannot stand it. I want an adult-themed club that plays the music I want them to play. Yes, you bet your ass Taylor Swift is on my fantasy SL playlist. 
"Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..."
Buying fatpacks of makeup, and all the colors have names like Passion, or Imperial, but don't come with a photo showing what each shade is so you have to go through them all until you find the shade you're looking for. I need a key, damn it!

Sending a notecard to a creator with questions about an item and not getting an answer.
Er... I guess that's enough. I've actually been working on this post for months, but keep forgetting about it.

So, that's out of the way! Now to begin a new year... with new grievances, I'm sure!
Happy Boxing Day!


  1. hey lady why you got no hips and man shoulders?

    1. Here, let me help you with your grammar.

      "Hey, lady, why do you have masculine shoulders and no hips?"

      I do shoulder crunches at the SL Virtual Gym to keep my strong and masculine physique. Thank you for noticing all my hard work!


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