Sunday, December 28, 2014

Don't Be THAT Guy

I think I have one good rant left in me for 2014.

checks the calendar... December 28... okay, I probably have a couple more, too...

Anyway, what I'd like to do is speak to you men for a minute and implore you not to be THAT guy.
Who's that guy, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

He's the creepy mother-fucker who pervs all the women in the groups he's in and gets inappropriate really fast.
Hey, I don't mind being hit on. It makes me feel good to know men want to get to know me... find me desirable and all that. I'm not going to be one of those women who bitches and complains about men saying hello to them. Feel free to IM me anytime. Granted, I'm not going to fuck you but you can still say hi if you want. I'm a nice person. I'll say hello, chat with you for a bit... hell, maybe we'll even become friends.

The point is, I won't bite your head off for daring to speak to me. I'm not one of THOSE women. I know it's not easy to approach people. The fear of rejection is bad enough without having to worry that you're also going to be treated like a leper. The world has far too little kindness in it these days... I won't add to the ugliness by acting like a bitch.
Unless you're THAT guy.

Now let me tell you about THAT guy in case you're unsure of who he is, or if you're THAT guy.
But first let me tell you what I think about the penis. I love it. I love them all. I think cocks are absolutely gorgeous. They are the core of a man's masculinity... and they're beautiful. I know some women don't find them very aesthetically pleasing. I fucking love them. And yes, I love photos of them. One delicious cock in particular, mind you. But I do find them all quite lovely.
Having said that, though... THAT guy is the one who starts sending them or offering them within the first five minutes of a conversation. That offers them when I've shown absolutely no sign of being interested in seeing them.

Don't be THAT guy.
Obviously, I am not offended by the photos. Seeing your dick pic is not an automatic turn-off for me.

What is an automatic turn-off is the need for validation THAT guy has. It comes across as desperate and pathetic. And I can assure you that he has nothing that I haven't seen before and it's not going to make me start ripping off my clothes and throwing my pussy at it.
There is one penis in all the world that makes me do that. Over 3,600,000,000 cocks on this planet and there is ONE that drives me to rip my clothes off and worship its amazingness.

Okay, I'd do that for Justin Timberlake's cock, too... 

Is it because it is physically the biggest, thickest, most perfect cock in all the world? No, it's because of the man it belongs to. The one who shows me his humor, his kindness, his intelligence, his wit, his love... every single day.

And holy shit, it IS a fucking gorgeous specimen of cock. It's perfect... for me, it IS perfect.
Sharing is caring, yes. But NOT after a conversation that consists of "Hi, how are you?" The next line should not be "Wanna see my dick?"

That makes you sleazy. And gross. And sad.

And it makes you THAT guy.
Don't be THAT guy. Just don't.

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  1. ... Well said.

    (Altho' I do have to ask... what about ...that girl? cos... you know... some of us got the 'guy' equipment too... I'mma keep my skirt on, yeah. Good idea.)


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