Monday, October 27, 2014

Yes. The Answer is Yes.

There was another question posed to the group at last week's Basilique salon...

Is sex better the longer you're with someone?

Hugh and I both responded with a resounding YES!

Mind you, I think it gets better if the two partners work for it... and what fun work that is, amiright?

It's not strictly a matter of loving someone... it's about knowing someone. And letting them know you. I don't think I have a single kink or fetish that Hugh doesn't know about... except the new ones we discover together. And that's not to say our sex life is all about kinky shit. There is nothing better than just being at home with him, alone with him, naked with him... we don't need props. We just need each other to make it magical.

We do both enjoy the visual... we have the finest selection of the best sex furniture lindens can buy. It absolutely helps set the mood and it's incredibly erotic to see what we're doing to each other. But when it turns from erotic to sublime... that's all us. It's the words we speak to each other. The touches that can't be seen on any pose ball. The nibbles and licks delivered to those exact spots that we know drive each other wild.

And does it get old? Knowing someone so well, and having them know you so well? I suppose it might for some... but not for us. Our first time together knocked our proverbial socks off. Our latest time... tonight... was about elebenty trillion times more intense. And fun.

When the man falls out of his chair when he cums, you know something is going right. ;-)

We engage and feed off each other... I don't know how to explain it, even though we're not in the same room, or even the same state, and sometimes not even the same country, but it doesn't matter. We feel each other.

And that comes with time. It comes with knowing someone.

So yes... that answer is yes. It does in fact get better the longer you're with someone.

It's kinda like this...
It's playful.
And I can't get enough... can never get enough.
He let's me take what I want...
What I always need...
And he gives... he gives me just what I deserve.
And oh sweet jesus... is it always good... so fucking good.
And then it just gets better. We rub noses...
Like the Eskimoses!
And the sun sets behind us and we talk...sometimes it's deep, often it's just silly. And sweet.
And we burrow down deep in our cocoon, murmuring and kissing and touching. Laughing together.
Safely nestled, always touching... protecting and cherishing.
Exactly where we want to be.
And it's perfect.
And it's right.
And we share the stars as we drift off together. We're safe, and we're sated, and we're loved. And we know... we know... we get to do it all over again tomorrow. And it'll be different, but it will be us, and it will be perfect. Again.

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