Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Unexpected

Just a quick post here...
My life follows a pattern... and it's one that even after 45 years, I still don't recognize.

Whenever I have a total shit day, like yesterday, it's followed by a spectacular day. And I never, ever see it coming.

Before I get to the really great stuff, I should explain a bit about yesterday.

I pay absolutely no attention to cycles. 

Yes, I mean that cycle. 

I used to track it when I was younger but nowadays... meh. And I usually don't get terrible PMS. The biggest sign for me that Aunt Flo is on her way is that I get crazy horny.

I've been crazy horny this week, but really just chalked it up to having a drop-dead sexy boyfriend that keeps my girl parts in a constant state of juiciness. 

Sometimes, though, I turn into the stereotypical she-devil. Yesterday was such a day. And, yep, today I'm riding the old cotton pony.

TMI? Whatever... it's my blog. ;-)

Also, said boyfriend is a saint. A very patient saint. So everything is wonderful there. Or whatever the things are that come after wonderful. Sublime. Divine. Perfect.

But... and here's where the Unexpected comes in... I got some other news today. And this was very, very unexpected indeed.

You've read about my brother and his stage IV cancer. I haven't said a lot about it lately because there hasn't been much to tell. He's been having chemo every three weeks and finally finished the first round.

And today he got the results of his latest CT scans back.


We weren't expecting this at all. We'd been led to believe we shouldn't even hope for it. But there it is. 

A miracle? Karma? GREAT science by GREAT doctors? All of the above and then some?

I don't know... and I'm not questioning it. All I know is that his doc said it's the best CT scan he's seen in a long time. 

He's not out of the woods by a long shot... but, fuck. Fuck. We've got something to grasp hold of now. Some hope. My brother has a chance. And he's such an amazing guy and so very, very much deserves this.

And I couldn't be happier. 


  1. Hugs so glad for your brothers news : ) Ride the upswing you deserve it!

  2. !!!!!!!!!! That's awesome Beth, Congratulations to you and your brother!!!!


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