Saturday, October 4, 2014


And it feels so good.
There are quite a few difficulties that go along with being in love in Second Life.

One of them, of course, is that pesky nuisance that real life can be. Getting in the way and keeping you and your love apart... for days sometimes. Days!
The bloody nerve of the real world, right?

Oh... but then the fates align and you're back in each other's arms.
Except, and here is where my second point comes in, you're not.

Physically. You can't actually reach out and touch. Grab. Hold.
And that's where the importance of imagination and words comes into play.

You see, I can't physically hold Hugh. In the real world, when your feelings are too much for words, you can show them in actions. You can wrap your arms around someone and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and pour everything out through touch.
But this is where... and I know we aren't alone in this... cyber sex becomes something more than a monitor and keyboard.

There is a tangible, real connection that transcends the virtual.
Gonna just sleep right here... 
We are connected. In every single way except the physical... except, in some way that only virtual lovers can understand... it's extremely physical.

I feel it. In my body, in my bones. I can feel his touch. I taste his kisses. And when he's inside me... buried so damn deep inside me... god, I can feel that, too.
Full Moon Rising
The places we take each other... the heights of ecstasy... the physical reaction of my body couldn't be any more real. When I cum with him in Second Life... I cum. I orgasm and spurt and shatter just as if he's here with me. I can feel the weight of him on top of me. I can feel his shaft piercing me.
I feel his heart beating against my breasts. The shudders that course through his body. His cock stretching me, thrusting. I can feel him releasing his seed inside me.
I know many couples in the real world who don't feel it as deeply as we do. Who don't connect on such an ethereal level.

And it always tickles me when these friends of mine look at me almost with a look of pity because they simply don't understand the depth of emotion that can be felt through the physical distance we share.
They assume I'm missing out on something. It's inconceivable to them that Hugh and I have no plans, no need, to try to forge something in the real world.

I guess that's a two way street, though. I can't conceive, at this point in my life, of making such drastic changes to fit another physical human into my reality. I'm so comfortable and set in my ways that it absolutely gives me the heebie-jeebies to think of someone invading my space every second of every day.
To each his own, I suppose.

All I know is that I have this thing... Hugh and I have this thing... and holy shit, do I love it.

I am lucky. I am a lucky fucking lady.
Heart Shaped Box
And so yes, it's difficult when we can't be together in Second Life for a time because one of us has to concentrate on what's happening in the real world.
But we get that reunion. Every single time. We get to come back together and soak in our bliss. Our shared joy.
And even when we're not together in SL... that connection is still there, never broken. I can feel his love wrapped around me every hour of every day. I'm never alone. He's there. My safe harbor.
Never let you go.
In a way, I wish I could figure out a way to make others in the real world understand... but, when it comes right down to it, it's something special and secret and belongs just to us. And to the others out there who also have this virtual world with a virtual love.

We've got something they don't. We've got this other human being who we can be our truest self with. Someone we can share our deepest thoughts and emotions with.

Because sometimes it's just easier to say things, to see things, to feel things, when you're not actually face to face with another person.
There is absolutely a safety in sharing worlds through a keyboard and monitor. 

And there is absolutely a euphoria that comes with that, too. I wouldn't give it up or change it for anything.

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