Sunday, August 24, 2014

Triple Trouble

Oh, the trouble I get into after Hugh goes to bed...
We are what you'd call a blended family. There's me, and Willie and Poppy. And then there's Hugh and Snowball. I'd already snuck Poppy over to meet Snow a few weeks ago...
Neither were very thrilled with that arrangement. 

I thought I might have better luck with Willie. 
These two hit it off like long lost brothers.
"It's a big world out there, little buddy."
And then look who wandered in. Poppy. The middle sister.
I'm not even exaggerating when I say photographing these three together almost impossible. Poppy was being a total diva.
Snowball was having none of it.
Thought maybe they'd behave better if I got in the photo with them...
I try very, very hard to avoid using the word "retard", but seriously... Willie is kinda short bus special.
I gave up on trying to get the three of them to look at the camera. Snow was perfectly fine with Willie, but wasn't thrilled at all with Poppy being little Miss Priss in his house. Poppy just preened and ignored him. 

And Willie just looked like the lovable dumbass he is.

And, honey, Willie dropped his bone somewhere. I couldn't find it... might have rolled under the couch. 

smiles sheepishly

He's still got his sock monkey, though.

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