Friday, July 4, 2014

Oh, It's A Holiday?!

I don't like the Fourth of July. I hate bombs and guns and stupid drunk rednecks. And having to pull the cats off the ceiling when the stupid drunk rednecks start shooting guns and blowing shit up.
Also... I don't really think America is all that great. It's certainly not the best country in the world, and thanks to congress and the Supreme Court, it's actually pretty low on the list of great countries.

Oh, I know it's a lot worse in a lot of other places... but I'm pretty fed up with my government these days.
Anyway, instead of going off on a bad American rant, I decided to curl up on my new raft and think about stuff.

But the sun was very warm. It was a bit hard to get comfortable in that heat. Beads of sweat formed... everywhere... and they tickled.
As I stretched and writhed, trying to get comfy... well, I just got hotter and hotter. And the tickles turned into tingles.
As usual, when the tingling starts, my mind wanders away to a certain handsome gentleman... and my hands started to roam. Fingers dancing over my belly, delving lower and lower until I found that sweet spot. 
 Ooooh...  yes. That's what I needed today... nature's stress relief.
Is there anything an orgasm can't cure? Or, at the very least, help? Being torn from reality, blocking everything out except the sweet, sweet bliss?
What else is there to say? Sticky, hot, sweaty... aroused in the way I only get when I'm thinking about Hugh.
So close... so close. Almost there but... needed more. Thankfully I found a little toy tucked underneath a pillow.
 There... right there. Just let it happen... let it flow.
The only problem? Now I want more. I want him. Here, with me. Now. Inside me.


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