Friday, June 20, 2014

I Love Gacha Machines!

Or however you want to spell them. I came late to the game on gachas... there were some around when I came back to SL, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to them until fairly recently.
I love to ride my bicycle... courtesy of a  Gacha
I love them.

There, I said it.

I've been seeing a lot of complaints about them lately... people fussing about how unfair they are.

Oh, boo hoo. Suck it up, buttercup.

You know what else I love? Slot machines.

Are they are giant rip-off? Of course they are. Just like gacha machines. They aren't designed to give you a good ROI. The casinos are in business to make money, just like the content creators in SL.

At least with gacha machines, you're guaranteed to get something.
A bit of light reading... courtesy of a Gacha
I love playing slots... and I love playing gachas. I look at them the same way. It's a game of chance.

I have spent thousands of lindens on gachas... Yes, I've gotten frustrated once or twice when I can't get that one item I want. But that's on me.

The money I spend in SL comes out of my entertainment budget. I get pleasure from Second Life. My home, my avatar, my clothes, my animals... none of it is worth anything in the real world. It's just entertainment.

And if you're getting butt-hurt by feeling you're getting ripped off by anything in SL... I kind of think that's just silly. If someone hacks your account and steals all your lindens, that's one thing. But when you willingly put money into something in SL- and lindens are real money- that's the chance you take.

I've gotten crap merchandise from all sorts of places, certainly not just gacha machines. I've bought stuff in shops and on the MP that have turned out to be total shit.

Lesson learned. I don't buy from those creators anymore.
Look at this silly fucking thing. I fucking love it. Courtesy of a Gacha. Rare, but I wanted it.
You know... you know... when you're playing a gacha machine, it's a game of chance. Don't like it? Don't play. It's simple. And if enough people don't like it and don't play, they'll fade away.

Would you go into a casino and demand they set the machines to your liking? Well, you could try but you'd be laughed out the front door.

The creators are taking a chance, too, with their machines. As I understand it, they can set the odds for their rares however they want. It's on their shoulders how many rares they want people to win. Rare is supposed to be rare. That's the damn point.

And, yes, I'm snobby enough to want it to stay that way. I like having things not many other people have. And I'm willing to spend the lindens it takes to get those if it's something I really want and I like knowing not many other people will have them.

Because it's fucking rare, you silly shits!

And when I get a rare item, I don't freaking want you to have it, too... because it's fucking rare.

Having said all this, though... I do think that the machines should display how their odds are set. Slot machines do... or they at least show what their payback percentage is set at.
One of my favorite things in SL... my rare unicycle. Cost a fortune in the long run, but I don't give a shit. I love it.
That's only fair... we take the chance on playing a game of odds, but we should also be able to know what those odds are before we start throwing our money in.

The Arcade could really make a difference there, I think. If they required all the vendors to display their odds, then I believe this trend would start spreading. And if someone chooses not to display those odds, don't play. They're hiding something.

I've also seen a lot of bitching lately about how you have to play and play and play to get an entire (matching) outfit in some machines. Maybe I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to be too many of those. Or maybe I'm just not paying attention because I don't play a lot of gachas for clothes. I'm usually looking for decor and stuff. I've certainly gotten some cute t-shirts and shoes out of some, but those don't necessarily need to be part of an outfit. Same with jewelry. Most of the jewelry in gacha machines is a set... but I'm not big on wearing full sets of jewelry. Too much of a good thing, I think, so I don't mind getting just part.

Anyway, I love playing gacha machines. I know I'm throwing my money away... just like with everything I buy in Second Life. It's pure entertainment.

Nothing more, nothing less.
THIS! Holy shit, I fucking love bloody marys and I couldn't find a good one! Then I found one in Erratic's gacha machine. Took me all of three tries... maybe four... to get it. Just a static object... but the lovely and wonderful and delightful and generously marvelous Erratic took back the drink, along with the sipping animation I had, and put it all together for me and gave it back. Because she's fucking awesome. And now I have the best damn bloody mary in Second Life AND I can drink it! Bravo, gachas and bravo, Erratic! Cheers!


  1. Nice post, I love how you are so passionate :). Having read some threads and posts here and there, on gachas/catchas (yes, fkn spelling) I can only say: no I am not a fan of them machines, but pffff. I can see why others love them and play them. Surely, I play/pay them once in a while, if I like the item offered. But usually I go to yardsales so I can buy the item I actually want - without cluttering my too large inventory with stuff I don't want - and why not? I get the thingies I like and also by buying them on yardsales, the sellers get some of their investment back. Win/win, right? I do not condemn the machines, nor the creators, nor the ppl who love using them. If it makes you happy, good! It makes me happy to stroll on yardsales and find the thing I want, thats good too? You cannot please the whole world, you cannot expect everyone to like or dislike this way of selling stuff, I dont mind, I get what I want anyway (well, usually :P). Haters gonna hate....let them.

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