Friday, May 2, 2014


I hear you asking, "What's going on with that Beth Macbain?"
Or maybe that's not you... maybe it's the voices in my head.

KIDDING! I don't really hear voices. Often.
Anyway... what's going on with me?

Nothing, that's what. Not a bloody thing.
I'm in one of those places... the ones we all find ourselves in every once in a while where we try to remember all the fun, cool things that brought us to SL in the first place.
I'm sure a lot of my Second Life ennui has to do with the fact that spring finally arrived in the real world and quite frankly, I've been venturing out a lot into that scary place known as the "outdoors". It's really quite lovely out there! The flowers might not be quite as perfect as they are in SL, but they smell better! Pretty, even! And there are baby birds and butterflies and ladybugs and soon there will be fireflies!
I'm also in a lovely place in SL where my life is quite content. I've got my Hugh and I've got my Mick and it's all cozy and comfy and I feel quite adorably loved.
As you all well know, I'm absolutely not used to that feeling! And I'm not really sure what to do with it. They don't have to pursue me, and I don't have to pursue them. They've got me- hook, line and sinker.
So what comes next? Are there challenges? Is this a challenge?

One of them once told me that I'm the girl who suddenly has everything she wants and doesn't know what to do with it.
And that's exactly right... I don't know what to do. I'm so used to having to work so hard to keep a relationship going, and the fire lit, that I'm not certain how I'm supposed to act now. Both of these fellas have stuck with me through all my neuroses and didn't let me go.
It's awesome... and it's exactly what I've always hoped to find in SL. And I have it with not just one guy, but two extraordinarily wonderful men. Inside and out.
I'm used to being a Second Life whore. And I could still be... neither of these guys are going to stop me from going out and banging my way through Second Life. I did have a pretty hot little affair that lasted a week or so but the feelings I had just weren't the same, and I knew they weren't going to develop into anything like I feel for the two men I have. It was feeling like an obligation instead of fun and you know that's when it's time to back away and I did.
I actually considered taking a break from SL for a bit to let my head clear, but I keep finding myself back here. I do enjoy going to listen to live music in SL and I'm trying to get back into my photography... and god knows I don't want to lose Hugh or Mick!
I'm also having this little orgasm problem. Actually, I think it's more an allergy problem than an orgasm problem but it's manifested itself in a very rotten way. I live in the seasonal allergy capital of the US and as beautiful as it is here in Kentucky in the springtime, it's a bitch for allergy sufferers. You see, whenever I get aroused and start getting close to the point of orgasm, I get a throbbing, stabbing headache behind my right eye. To the point where I have to stop. And then I'm left with a headache AND sexually frustrated. Hugh helped me overcome it for a while last weekend, with the help of a Vicodin.
And I thought, yay, I'm cured! Until I tried to have some special alone time last night before I went to bed... and BOOM... headache. I'm very unhappy about the situation and am sort of trying to avoid much arousal until I get myself fixed.
So what's next? What do you guys do when you're looking for something new and fun in SL?

Or, you know, let me know if you know any good cures for sex headaches!
(And now I have to put an addendum on this post! After I finished writing, I got to spend a few hours with Hugh... and the man is a miracle! Headache? Nope. Nothing but bliss! Not sure how he does it, as long as he never, ever stops! I am a lucky, lucky woman!)

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