Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh, Ladies...

I'm a slut. We all know that, right?
A big ol' whore.
Fucking my way through Second Life without a care?
I mean, it's all right here on this blog, right?
In the last month or so, it's been said to my face, and certainly behind my back.
I'd like to say I don't care, but I do.
But not for the reasons one might think.
I am perfectly comfortable with my sexuality and there's not a thing anyone can say to make me feel bad about that.

What bothers me is that it's all coming from women.
Girls, we've got to stop that shit. The slut-shaming bullshit.

Look, I absolutely could not give a rat's ass about your sexuality. You can be frigid as an iceberg or as hot as the sun. It's your choice.
As my sexuality is mine.

And no one is forcing you to look at my photos or read my blog... but you do. I know you are, because I have access to things that tell me these things. I know how long you've been following me.  I know how often you look at this thing.
So don't pretend to be disgusted with my behavior. I know better.
If I want to fuck every single man in Second Life, or real life, that's my prerogative. Isn't that what feminism is supposed to be all about?
Yet when a woman does something another woman doesn't approve of, instead of turning the other cheek, we call each other sluts and whores and bitches instead of saying "Good on her for doing what she wants and being who she wants to be!"

Shame. For shame, ladies.
For that matter, a man's sexuality is his, too. Unless you're with him, fucking him, it's none of your concern. Some of you may have noticed I suddenly have a missing blog post here.
Because I had a sexual encounter with a man... and, yes, I did ask his permission before I posted anything about it.. and some folks got a little butt hurt about it.
Women who have been visiting this blog for ages... but suddenly it was different when it was someone they knew. How very stupid is that?
I removed the post at his request due to the shit storm of idiocy that started swirling around him.
It's absurd, really. Juvenile as fuck. Because, again, it's simple. Don't want to see it? Don't look. Pull up your big girl panties.
Those photos were gorgeous. A meeting of two new close friends. Yes, they were intimate and explicit.
But this is MY blog. I've said before, this is my diary, my therapy. And, yes, it's public but it isn't required viewing for anyone.
How dare you try to shame me, or anyone featured in any post on here? Who in every fuck do you think you are? Those are your hang-ups, sunshine, and for you to deal with. They aren't my concern, until they spill over into you trying to censor me.
My life. His life. Not your life.
Also, if you're going to throw stones, throw them in the right direction. Yes, I'm a sexual woman. I love sex. I'm not monogamous. But really? Go back and look... how many men have actually been on here? I was going to go back and count, but I can't be bothered. The fact is, the number isn't really all that big. And three of the men, including the one in these photos (hi, honey), are men that I am, or was, head over heels in love with.
I'm hardly the cock-sucking whore I've been accused of being. But if I was, there'd not be a damn thing wrong with it, because it's my choice. And the men I'm with? It's their choice to be with me, and be on this blog.
Hugh, Mick and Ark, with a few others I've encountered over the past seven months or so. With a lot of introspection in between.
Don't be a hater. The world has enough of those. Try love instead. Acceptance. You'll be much happier, I promise.  


  1. Keep doing what you enjoy, as long as nobody gets hurt is your blog, your life, your SL.

  2. Couldn't agree more with your words, of course. And you know this situation you describe is probably caused by envy, not envy of "your men" but of your strength as a woman.

    I'm with you Beth <3


    1. You're absolutely right. And thank you so much!

  3. Oh Beth, don't let it get to you! Keep on blogging your ahem...adventures. I like em and also: your sl, your blog and your life.
    I do feel your a different way, as I get IM's and comments on Caity's alcohol consumption a lot, including being given notecards and links to AA and wiki articles on the dangers of drinking too much. Because Caity has wine o'clock every day. LOLOL. I say: screw them!

    1. Doesn't everyone have wine o'clock? No? Well, then clearly, THEY are the ones with the problem!

      Thank you! *hugs*

  4. Well said! Don't give an inch of ground, Beth!


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