Monday, February 17, 2014


I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love.
There's this guy. And I've not said much about him here for a variety of reasons.

We met four weeks ago today. 
Here's the thing... I find words difficult when it comes to trying to explain what this gentleman has come to mean to me.
He's laughter and light.

He's brilliance and grace.

He is my safe harbor.
When the storm clouds in my mind start swirling and brewing, his smile chases them far, far away.

His touch.

His words. 
So calming... 

This is the man who tells me he's proud of me, of the woman I am. The one who reminds me to breathe. And takes my breath away.
He doesn't give me strength... He reminds me that I am strong.

This unpretentious man who gives himself so selflessly to me. Loves me, even when I'm being... well, me. 
I just don't have the words.

Love. Intangible, ethereal. Incendiary.


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