Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hugh, Mick and I have been trying to get together for a little meet and greet for the longest time. Timing issues in Second Life can be difficult, even when all three parties are in the same time zone! Last night, the stars finally aligned and I was able to introduce these two amazing men. And, yes, I passed the fuck out. ;-)
After my two fine gentlemen revived me, we settled down for a bit of a cuddle and chat. You, lovely readers, may not believe this but there was absolutely nothing on the agenda. It was just supposed to be a time for them to say hello. A hand shake, a case of  Yuengling exchanged between two new friends. A bottle or two raised.
Hugh started it! I was just lying there in their arms talking about life and the next thing I knew, his hand was creeping underneath my dress and up my thigh. Absolutely shameful behavior, I tell you! Mick started kissing me and his hands started roaming, cupping my breasts, pinching and playing with my nipples through my dress.
There's only so much a girl can take! I tore my dress over my head, desperately needing to be naked with my guys. This was only supposed to be a chat!

So I wouldn't feel SO exposed, my loves were kind enough to remove their jackets and shirts. So considerate of them!
It wasn't long at all before they had me writhing... and their pants were getting quite uncomfortable I do believe. I rezzed a bed in the middle of my living room (oh, the joy of Second Life!) that would be more accommodating for the three of us. And would you look at that? Their pants disappeared!
Mick slid his hand between my thighs... I don't know when I have ever been wetter. He rubbed my pussy so deliciously, inside and out, taking extra special care with my little swollen clit. Hugh curled against my side whispering words of love and encouragement in my ear, driving me wild. His cock was in my hand... I needed an anchor! Tugging and stroking him, with Mick's fat cock rubbing my thigh on the other side.

I lost it. Of course I did. Squirting and spurting everywhere... Lord, how I came. Whimpering and writhing between these two men loving me... loving and accepting all of me. The mess I made.. Jesus.
I would say this part was a reward for my two lovers... but let's be honest. I love cock. I love these two men. This was for me.
Kneeling on the bed between them, licking and sucking one gorgeous cock, then the other. Back and forth, over and over. Nursing and suckling on them both. Drooling... slobbering all over them.
Taking each of them in turn, deeper and deeper, opening my throat as their hips pumped their cocks, fucking my mouth. They both know me so well... know how much I love to have a cock in my mouth. Their cocks most especially.
And they fed me... long, thick, ribbony strings of cum, coating my face, my lips... filling my mouth. How I savored their flavors! Mixed together on my tongue... it was almost enough to make me cum again.
All it took was a flick of my fingers, a little pinch and twist of my clit and my juices came pouring down my thighs. I was a ridiculously sticky mess. Cum all over my face, in my hair, dripping off my chin... dripping down my throat. My own syrupy cum coating my pussy and thighs.
We collapsed, breathless... laughing together. Amazed. Overjoyed. I am a lucky girl indeed. I've had so many men in my life tell me that it's impossible to love two people. Those men are wrong. They are wrong.
Because these two men right here? They aren't just my lovers. They are my loves. They are my best friends. They support me. They catch me when I stumble. They dry my tears. They lift me up and urge me to soar. In their very own, very unique ways... and last night, as one.
These men did this for me. For me! So god damn selfless... so giving and generous. Because they love me! I'm humbled. I truly am. Their love for me... my love for them... it's magic.

There is no competition. They both know what they mean to me. They accept me. They accept how I love both of them without question. We talked, openly and honestly, for hours. About love, about jealousy, about time. About the hours I'll spend with each of them, and the hours we'll all spend together. There was laughter, acceptance... and joy.
I am a woman blessed. I'm stronger than I've ever been... and this is only the beginning. All three of us had talked before about threesomes and how they work. Not just the mechanics, though we talked plenty about that, too! Who drives, how it all works... As a matter of fact, when this whole thing took a turn for the naughty, we were all fully clothed, just running through the animations on the bed so we'd know what they were when we did it for realsies.

Hugh had told me something before... something I didn't really understand until last night. A threesome isn't 1 + 1+1.

It's 2 x 2 x 2.

And we proved last night that the equation works. And it works damn well.

Hugh and Mick? I love you. Unabashedly, unashamed... openly and fully. I am so very much looking forward to sharing my Second Life with you for many weeks, months, years(?) to come. There are no limits... no constraints. We have time... we have passion... and we have so damn much love. Thank you. Just... thank you.

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