Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Bud's for me?

As I mentioned, I am going to start getting out more. And by "out", I mean "sex".
Last week, I ran into the delicious Bud Solo at Olina. We've been following each other on Flickr for a while and struck up a conversation.
He's pretty damn yummy and we've been trying all week to get together... and, of course, as tends to be in SL, the timing didn't work out until about 4am.
I apologize for the quality of these pictures... We were in a bedroom at Olina that has some weird lighting and I forgot (i.e. was too aroused) to remember to turn off local lights.
Bud is one of the Studs of Porn. Not gonna lie... I typically shy away from this group. Not that they aren't lovely people but I've had some bad encounters with the folks in the SL porn world that have left a bad taste in my mouth. One on one, they're all fantastic. As a whole, it's a world of drama, with some added drama, and a little drama thrown in for good measure.
Bud most definitely didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth.
It was a bit of a quickie. It was very late and I'm recovering from an evil trip to an evil dentist... but I have some fabulous pain medicine and was feeling all warm and fuzzy... and wet.
It was hard, and fast... and oh-so-good. Just the kind of pounding my little pussy needed.
I climbed right up... and slide all the way down. His fat cock filled me just right.
And made me explode.
Gripping his cock with my tight cunt sent him over the edge as well, filling me with his sticky cum. I loved it.
After, we curled up together... letting our juices flow from my pussy, coating us both.
Stretching out for a long, deep kiss.
Oh, look who finally remember to turn off local lights! Handsome fucker, isn't he?
Still experimenting with the cum shot... though Mr. Solo emptied his balls deep inside me.
My very happy ass curled up against him.
I do believe I'll be visiting with Bud more often. Sometimes a quickie is perfect... but I want more time to explore his body... to taste him all over. 

Love new lovers.


  1. Ok, best post I've been in. Was a great time Beth!

  2. wow his cock looks amazing I love those pics.....Simone xoxoxoxo


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