Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Art of Conversation

I spend a lot of time on Second Life doing this.
Sitting around naked, yes.
Nothing wrong with that, of course. I do enjoy my time alone... primping and posing and all that girly stuff.

But usually that comes after I've ventured out onto the grid looking for... something. Human interaction, I suppose. I'll often look at the events, or destination guide, or map, trying to find spots where there seems to be a lot of people. 
 You've heard the quote, "The silence is deafening." It really is. Standing in the middle of 40 people, all fidgeting, looking around, and no one saying a word.
 Are they all in IM? No. Every once in a while I'll ask in local... and it seems most of us are truly just standing there, waiting for someone else to say something.
 I guess this is one of the curses of Second Life. Most of us are introverts. If we weren't, we wouldn't be sitting behind our computers and would be outside interacting with humans face to face.
 I don't know about you... but I fucking hate doing that! Fuck that shit... being social and what-not. ;-)
 So why do I crave it in Second Life? Any shrinks in the house want to take a stab at that? Probably, deep down inside somewhere, I'd love to be an extrovert in real life. But I'm not.
 I'd love to find a place in SL where conversation... open conversation... flows. It doesn't have to be deep and intellectually stimulating. No need to tax our brains! The closest I've come is at Olina. And that isn't what Olina is for, unfortunately. Oftentimes a good conversation will get going between a group of people and then two or three will start having sex. And emoting. In local.
 And that is exactly what Olina is all about... sex. And it's absolutely not my place to complain when sex happens and it's public and vocal. But it does rather kill any other conversation going on.
 Then there are the places in Second Life that fancy themselves as being a big more high-brow. The Chamber is a prime example. The place is freaking gorgeous... I love the atmosphere they've created. But, same thing. Hit the reception room, 40 people, all silent, animated statues.
 I know there are plenty of other places I haven't discovered or explored yet. Hell, I belong to a variety of groups for places I've not yet visited. That's the introvert in me. I often find myself hanging on the edges, waiting for something or someone to draw me in. Is that what we're all doing?
 Second Life has so many gorgeous places and gorgeous people... inside and out. My fear is that our combined introversion will eventually be the death of SL. I love my husband. I'm so lucky he found me and bloody well claimed me as his. He's a wonderful man, in and out of SL, and I'm truly blessed to have him. Part of the reason I so desperately wanted to find someone was so I'd have that one person... one single person in all of SL... that is mine. My link. My connection. He's amazing. I'm so fucking glad he's the one.
But he's not there all the time, and if he was, we'd get sick of each other. I made the mistake last time of wanting to be everything to one person, and trying to make him be everything to me, and that just didn't work. It was stifling and we were both smothered until it killed us. 
 So, as much as it indubitably sucks sometimes that we don't get to spend hours and hours together everyday, in the long run, that's a very good thing.

And that takes me back to where I started. Where to go and how to get people talking. I suppose I could venture outside of the sex clubs... but my conversations are frequently X-rated and I don't like to censor myself so I tend to stick pretty close to those kind of places unless I'm out exploring for photo spots.

Anyway... start talking, people. Even if it's just to say hello. Never know what might come of it.

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