Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meeting Pri - Part Three

It's always fun teaching people new things...
And Pri hadn't been with a man before who enjoyed the pain/pleasure of a woman very carefully using her teeth on his cock.
It took a bit of encouragement... and a demonstration by me, but she's a fast learner and quickly got the hang of slowly, but quite surely, sinking her teeth into my husband's fat cock.
Few things bring my man to the brink faster than that... and he was close to exploding again. He pulled me up into his lap and drove his hips up into me, burying his cock in my pussy.
Pri got down her knees... alternating between licking his balls and tonguing my asshole.
Did I enjoy that? I dunno... what do you think?!
Pri was definitely enjoying it almost as much as I was... I lost myself completely when I came. Didn't have a clue which way was up... Ark's cock in my juicy cunt, her tongue probing my ass... I just fucking lost it.
That was it for me... I tapped out for the final time. Trembling from the force of that last orgasm, I fell to the floor, completely spent. These two still had a little fight left in them.
Ark pulled her legs up and just fucking nailed her ass.
And our eager new friend adored it.
Dat ass! nom nom nom
Pri was a wreck at this point, too. And when my husband pulled off her heels and starting sucking on those pretty little toes of hers?
She clamped down hard on that cock.
Screaming. And squirting all over the place. I should buy stock in Scotch Gard.
Ark pulled out, slapping his cock on her cunt and coated her with cum. Yummy!
All three of us were goners now. They pulled me up onto the couch and we had a bit of a cuddle pile. She had my husband's cum all over her (as well as her own!) and I wasted no time crawling into the pile and rubbing myself all over her, coating myself in the delicious process. We snuggled until Ark got too heavy for her and she shoved us both off.
Done. We were all just demolished. Water was very necessary. As was food. And, holy shit, did we all need naps!

I am thrilled to include this gorgeous young woman in our circle of very intimate friends! She can come knocking on our door anytime she wants.

Can't wait for our next adventure... perhaps it's time to bring another cock into the mix?

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