Sunday, January 19, 2014

Exploring Utopia

Yesterday, I went to a concert at Utopia Naked Isle Resort. I've been a member of Utopia for several months now but haven't spent much time there... and certainly not exploring. I took the time to take a look around yesterday... and I believe Utopia is one of Second Life's hidden jewels. The owners have really created a beautiful place to hang out.. and to get naughty.

I ran into an acquaintance from Olina there. Powel and I have chatted/flirted a few times but had never gotten together before. As often does in Second Life, it started with a dance.
Really nice guy... really nice ass.
Wasn't long before I found myself on my knees.
And you know that's one of my favorite places to be!
Powel was hungry and I'm not one to deny a starving man.
He was very hungry indeed... and stayed down there until I fed him copious amounts of cream from my pussy.
I love a thick, veiny cock. So much more fun to suck on than a smooth one... So much more masculine and delicious.
Powel licked and fingered and nibbled and sucked my pussy until I couldn't take it anymore... until I came, painting his face with an explosive orgasm. I needed cock. My pussy was throbbing with arousal. It wasn't going to be sated until his cock filled me.
He'd been so patient... such a good boy... making sure I came before he took his own pleasure.
I locked my ankles behind his back, the tip of his fat cock prodding my eager cunt.
And then he pushed forward... embedding his cock so deep... but he wanted to go deeper.
He rolled me, pulling my ass up in the air and pushing my face into the rug we were on.
His fat cock filled me so good... his balls (and, yes, his hands) slapping against my hot little ass. I love to be covered like that... like a fucking wild animal... raw and deep. Just being used like the nasty little whore I am.
Powel is a big guy... and is very adept at tossing me around like I weigh nothing. There is something very primitive about being handled like that. Almost as if I'm not even real (and yes, I get the irony of saying that in reference to my avatar). Just a wet hole to be used.
I have no problem being used in that way... I crave it. No one understands this need I have (and fulfills it) better than my husband... but that's for another post. There's a whole nother entry about the psychology of that.

Powel used me... used by body... and my body used him right back. When he came, he came with a roar. It was deep and messy... and triggered another orgasm for me. We bucked together, clinging, pouring ecstasy into each other until neither of us could breathe.
Of course, I had to give him a little rub and tug afterwards to make sure I got it all. ;-)
We took a few moments to collect ourselves... I very much enjoyed my time with Powel. New lovers are one of the most fun things about SL. The flirting, the build up... the chase and, finally, the release.

One thing is always for certain, though. I know who I am and where I belong... 

I know I'm sort of reclaiming my inner whore... and I'm not going to lie to you, dear reader, or myself or to my husband. I'm enjoying the hell out of it. It feels good. It feels really good.

But nothing... nothing feels better... feels more exquisite and perfect... than every single moment I get with this man. 
With him, there is joy... an intimacy, even when we're fully clothed... that exists with no one but him. 

I could fuck every man in SL... my home is with my husband. My heart is with him. My soul. My essence. 

It's just that simple. <3

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