Monday, December 23, 2013

The Toothache Cure

For the past few days, I've been suffering from a pretty rotten toothache.
I'm very aware that I need to suck it up and go to the dentist. 

Not only is it a shitty time to have to go to the dentist... I have a mortal fear of the bastards. Did you see Marathon Man? Well I fucking did. Fuck that shit. Fuck it. There isn't enough nitrous oxide on the planet to entice me into the torture chair.

Okay, that's a lie. I love that shit. Nitrous is the drug of the gods and if I were going to develop a drug habit, that'd be it. That shit is good.

Anyway, I went to bed last night after doing a bit of shopping with Ark. It was about an hour until I couldn't take the pain anymore and got out of bed to down some pain pills (thank you, Canadian relatives!) and logged into SL to pass the time waiting for them to kick in. Ark had already gone to bed, but I sent him a message that I was awake and in pain... a few minutes later, there he was. 

I was lying in bed wearing one of his shirts and a pair of  not-very-sexy tube socks being miserable and he climbed in and pulled me up on his lap to give me some comfort... and comfort he did! Admittedly, the drugs were just starting to kick in a bit and I was feeling a little warm and fuzzy. After a lot of soft kisses and his hand massaging my inner thigh, I was writhing and the shirt ended up tossed in the floor somewhere. His clothes fell away as he pushed me down on my knees and fed me his cock... Better than Vicodin as far as oral medications go!

Being the good little cock-sucker I am, it wasn't long before he was on edge and wanting more. 
The gentle kisses and caresses were done with. My husband is a rough fucker... and I love it. Holding my hands behind my back, fingers tangled in my hair, pulling it hard... so damn hard. 
That's pretty much an instant orgasm for me. Cock buried in my pussy, just fucking pounding away, slapping my ass. He knows I'm a pain slut. 

And here's the thing about this guy... my guy... He never, ever pushes me to be who he wants me to be. Because I already am.  
I sometimes worry that not being able to spend a lot of time together is going to negatively affect what we have. And then... then when we are together, those doubts just vanish. He accepts me exactly as I am. And loves me, without hesitation or reservation. 

This is the guy who thinks I'm beautiful whether I'm in ratty pajamas and reading glasses, or dressed to the nines. Whether I'm being seductive and sexy, or dorky and nerdy as shit. When I was sad over Zach leaving, he didn't tell me to get over it. He let me be sad and depressed. When he knows he can't be online, and knows that I have needs, he doesn't push me to go fuck other men. He tells me to do what I want, with who I want. If I want. He doesn't ask me to tell him all the nasty details when I do go out and fuck other guys. I tell him about it, yes. If he wants to know more, I'll share. I don't have secrets from Ark because I don't need to. 
At this point, my toothache was long forgotten but he still went all out. ALL out. The man knows I'm a complete anal whore. All it took was me reaching back and spreading my cheeks to show him my tight little pucker and he pulled his cock out of my snatch and pushed me down on the bed. And mother fucking went to town on my asshole. I'm honestly not sure which of us enjoyed this part more... 
Oh, just kidding. It was me. He absolutely destroyed me. Combine my need for pain with my love of all things anal, and I'm fucking gone. Just gone. 
He spent way longer than I deserved using his long fingers to stretch my tight little asshole until I was just screaming... pain, pleasure... all the same. Dragging his tongue from my pink slit, along my perineum, over my now-gaping hole, all the way to the top of my ass crack and back down again... God. The man doesn't miss a spot. 
Holding me wide open with his fingers... burying his tongue as deeply as he could, licking me from inside out. 


I was leaking all over the bed... just writhing and rolling in my own juices when he shoved his fingers in my cunt. I lost it. It was one of those delicious moments when the divide between SL and RL fade away. The orgasm I had in SL was matched by the orgasm I had in RL. Long, intense, wet and fucking fabulous.
Sitting in my desk chair, shuddering and trembling, quite literally stewing in my own juices, I was blissed to the max. Blessed by this filthy bastard that is my husband. It was his turn... the SL sun was up and I knew it was a few short hours until RL Beth had to be at work but damned if I wanted to leave. I wanted to fuck my man. I rode him like an animal, my pussy still quivering from the insane orgasm he'd just given me. Leaning over him, licking his mouth, cheeks and chin, savoring the musky flavor of my own ass on his lips. So fucking raw and hard, so deep his cock slammed my cervix each time I thrust down on him. 

And that fucking hurt so bad it drove me right into another screaming orgasm. Clamped down on that cock, milking him with my constricting muscles... he filled me with his seed, spurt after fucking spurt, filling my womb... my very soul. 
Yeah, I ended up only getting about two hours of sleep last night and used my toothache as an excuse to go into work late so I could lie in bed reliving what this man does to me.

I'm fucking exhausted now... It's catching up with me. And my fucking tooth hurts again. And you know what? I don't care. There'll be time for sleep later and I still have plenty of pain pills. 

Somehow, the man who perfectly compliments me in every way possible found me and made me his wife. His partner, his lover, his best friend. 

I am a very tired, very happy, very complete woman. 

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