Saturday, December 7, 2013

Relationship Ruminations

When it's 20 degrees outside, there's really only one thing to do... log in to Second Life and hit the beach with your hubby. 
Handsome mother fucker.
I've had several friends tell me that this whole thing seemed to happen for us so fast. I realized tonight I haven't even had a chance to introduce him to any of my friends. Have to fix that soon before people start thinking he's an alt I created! 
We're just spending most of our time right now getting to know each other. Yes, the fear was there... just a tiny bit... that I'd find out we aren't compatible. The sex is incredible... but is there more to build on? 

As we sat perched on top of the rocks overlooking the beach last night and played 20 Questions, it soon became apparent that my fear was unfounded. Chronologically, Ark is much younger than me. But, damn... this man has wisdom well beyond his years. A maturity that shouldn't belong to one so young, yet there it is. He has this innate knowledge of the world... of people, and how to treat them. 

We discovered that we share a lot of the same ideological beliefs. What a treasure this man is! I can't even put into words how excited I am about beginning my life with him... the talks we're going to have, the ideas we're going to share.   
And then there's the sex. I could take a zillion photos of his gorgeous face but I know you guys would rather see the dirty stuff. ;-) 
The other thing we're learning about each other is that we share the same kinks. 
Don't have any photos of those yet... but I can assure you they'll be coming.
Or maybe not. I suppose I don't have to share every single thing we do together on this blog.
After all, I didn't take a single picture the other night when he showered me in... Never mind. Another blog post for that one!
For right now, we're doing a lot of love-making (or our version of it, anyway) and talking about the things we want to do in the future.
And a very naughty future it's going to be.
He is so different from my previous relationships. I refuse to compare Ark to anyone else, though. He stands all on his own.
He gets my submissive side, and he's definitely a man with very dominant tendencies, but he's not a Dom. He's made it very clear to me that his body is mine to do with as I please.
And I am so going to. Over and over.
He let's me touch him... and caress and lick and kiss him... all over. All over. And I fucking adore that.
He not only shares and approves of my kinks... he feeds them.
And then he's the most tender, compassionate, caring man I've ever met. He loves me so completely, so freely and passionately. And he let's me love him in return.
I love seeing the rings on our hands.
I love this man.

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