Monday, December 16, 2013

Put Out Or Shut Up

I'm getting real sick of your shit, guys.

It seems like almost every man I know in SL talks a big game... the flirt, the tease... but when it comes time to actually show me what they're made of, they have trouble sealing the deal.
What the fuck?
I love long drawn out foreplay as much as the next girl. The dirty IMs, the tease... but eventually that just gets boring.
That's a game girls are supposed to play, fellas. I'm a woman and I expect you to follow through.

I know it's my own fault... I only go after men who I think have some redeeming sexual qualities. Those are exceedingly rare in Second Life and I'm quite aware those men are constantly in demand.
Well bra-fucking-vo to you.
Count this as another double-standard. You guys all say you want a woman who embraces her sexuality. Grabs hold of the slut label and makes it her own. And then you don't have a fucking clue what to do with a woman who actually wants to fuck.
Playing hard to get is cute for about 10 minutes.
You've got me aroused... great. Now do something about it. Stop being little boys and show me what you're made of. I want men who can deliver.
Slap on your Aeros and give it to me. You know what I want and you've been promising to deliver, in some cases, for weeks.
I'm not waiting forever. Some of you have already pushed the tease too far and my interest is waning.
Is it that you know you've made some many promises about your virility and ability that you know you'll never actually be able to deliver what you've built yourself up to be?
Either you don't actually intend to ever follow through... or when you finally do, I'm not going to be there.
So there you have it, gentleman. Put out or shut up.

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