Thursday, December 5, 2013

Exploring the Cyprian Gardens

I took the handsome and talented Almost Finished to visit the gorgeous Cyprian Gardens a few days ago.
He'd never been there before and I knew he'd love it. Lucky for me, he decided to show me just how much he loved it.

The atmosphere at the Cyprian Gardens is one of my very favorites... and Al is one of my very favorite lovers. We were just testing some poses when I felt his erection, persistent and oh-so-hard, pressing against my bottom.

I'm not one to resist that sort of naughty temptation and it wasn't long before I was kneeling in the water before him, taking him in my mouth. Delicious.

He took me... long, hard and deep. The rippling water surrounded us, splashing and cooling our heated bodies and it was glorious.

Al is an amazing lover... he knows what I need and he gives it to me. I can never resist him.

Check out his beautiful pictures of our escapade on his blog, Almost and Nearly

I can't wait for our next encounter.

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