Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Needs Justin?

Note: Let's be real... if JT stopped by, I'd throw all you mother-fuckers over for him. ;-)

I had a very delicious friend stop by my place for a few hours yesterday, delivering a much overdue reminder of just how fucking hot Second Life sex can be. This guy is strong and sexy and knew what he wanted... but he didn't dominate me, though he was definitely dominant. I took as much as I gave and it was fucking fabulous.

First off, he let me know that he wanted me. He didn't pressure me, though, and didn't make assumptions that I was going to let him jump on me and treat me like a whore. And speaking of that...

Number of times he called me these words:
  • Whore - 0
  • Slut - 0
  • Bitch- 0
Yay him!

He made me feel strong and empowered. Sexy as fuck. And holy shit, did he make me cum!

This delicious beast is welcome to deliver his form of a reminder anytime he wants.

So, thank you, Crix, for helping me get my sexy back.

Enjoy the pictures.


  1. I am just glad your back Beth xoxo

  2. Hooo! At first I thought you were talkin' about ME...JT! LOL

    Love the photos and the narrative. I'll settle for just bein' the "other" JT. (that is, if the JT you meant was Justin Timberlake!).


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