Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So Thankful For You... Yes, You

I dressed up as a turkey for you guys... because why the fuck not, right? Eat me!
And now to list all the things I'm thankful for this year.

First, and most importantly, I'm thankful for my dad's continued good health. When we lost Mom five years ago, we all pretty much thought that'd be it for Dad, too. Nope. He fooled us all. I'm not in the slightest bit religious, buy Dad believes in something... and he believes Mom is somewhere waiting for him, and when it's time, it's time. He's in no rush because he's certain that they have eternity to spend together. I hope he's right. In the meantime, I'm just so damn thankful he's still here with us.

Secondly, I'm thankful I have a job that, though it's frustrating sometimes, I love. And it pays me enough to keep a roof over my head and pays my bills. I can afford food for me and the kitties. Some things when I need them. I can buy lindens and live a life of luxury in Second Life. Gas in my car. I'm good with that... I have enough. I don't need more.

I'm thankful for my family. I have a herd of brothers and sisters that love my introverted, weird self. No matter what I do, or where I go, these are the people that will always, always be there for me and be in my corner. They're all freaking nuts, just like I am, but they're perfect and they're mine.
My best friend. We've been besties since we were 19, so that's... holy shit, 25 years? She's like my partner... two single, middle-aged women that make each other laugh outrageously. She's always been there for me and always will, as I will be for her. My family is hers, and vice versa. She's my complete opposite- conservative where I'm liberal, extroverted where I'm introverted. Loud and boisterous where I'm quiet. Yet somehow it works for us and there is no better friend in the world.

I'm thankful for my fluffy bundles of joy... my two cats. I can't imagine not having animals in my life and these two are just wonderful. My old lady, 14 years old, and my 1 year old kitten. They love me unconditionally and bring me joy on a daily basis.

My dad has a dog. He was supposed to be a small beagle but instead he's a 45lb horse. Scares the crap out of all of us when he gets nutty and we think he's going to pull Dad over, but Dad loves him to bits and the dog loves him. He gives Dad a reason to get out of bed every day and keep moving forward. He knows the doggie needs him and he needs the doggie just as much. Two closer best friends, you'll never see. 

I'm thankful for my health. I'm not in the best shape in the world, but when I see the kids at my work that live on ventilators and have medical issues that are horrific, I realize how damn lucky I am to have use of all my limbs, and my brain functions (semi)normally. 

I'm thankful for the friends I've made in Second Life. We may never meet, but that doesn't make our friendship any less real to me. You all keep me sane and I love having you in my world.

And, yes, I'm thankful for my summer romance with Rob. Our relationship and friendship may not have ended on the best terms, but being with him showed me how much I crave companionship in Second Life. Before Rob, I shunned all SL relationships. With him, I was able to open myself to new experiences and new ideas of what Second Life could be to me. He didn't end up being the man I needed him to be, but I'm still thankful he was in my world for a while. He was also the person who convinced me to try my hand at photography and it's become a passion of mine now. So, Rob, thank you. 

And... yeah, I'm thankful it ended. If it hadn't, I doubt I would have gotten to know my darling Zach the way I did. 

I am so thankful that goofy man came into my world. I've already droned on and on in a previous post so I won't do that again. I'm also thankful he's gone... because he's off to be someone amazing and live his dreams. So damn proud of him. Love him so much.
And, lastly, I'm so damn grateful... so thankful... that Ark came into my world. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to find what I needed in Second Life, and then there he was. He stormed into my life, into my heart, and nothing is the same now. It's so, so much better than I ever hoped. In a very brief span of time, he's filled me with so much love and joy that I overflow with it. He's an extraordinary man... and he's all mine. I have his heart and he holds mine and cherishes it. I look forward to my second life with him every day. 

Life is good, folks. I can't wait to see what's around the next corner.

Thank you so much for following me and reading my verbal diarrhea. Knowing people read my words and enjoy my pictures means the world to me. I simply adore each and every single one of you. <3


  1. "he's filled me with so much love and joy that I overflow with it" ---- That sounds more than a little naughty. Just saying. :)


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