Sunday, November 17, 2013

Out Of Nowhere Part II

After that crazy delicious fuck, we both desperately needed a shower.
We were sticky and hot and covered in sweat and cum so we headed back to my place to clean up a bit. 
I told you he's a giver, too. After soaping me up, he spun me against the wall and drove his fingers inside my pussy. So damn good... hooking his fingers inside me, his thumb pressing into my asshole. 
Pumping and thrusting with his fingers, massaging my tender g-spot. 
Felt amazing with the hot, steamy water sluicing down on us. 
My man has some stamina! His cock quickly grew, throbbing and pulsing with his desire for me.
Lifting me, seating me on his shaft. I clung to him and let him bounce me on his cock. 
So many words I wanted to say... yet frightened. How could this happen to me so fast again? But it was there... and I'm not one to deny anything when it feels so right. 
I kept the words to myself... Still gun shy, I suppose, from the last time when I ended up having them thrown back in my face. 
I should say that we were making sweet, sweet love in the shower... but the fact is, he was driving that thick massive shaft into my ass again. 
Oh... who am I kidding? That is making sweet love to me. I fucking love anal sex and he was driving me wild, fucking me so hard and so deep. 
I was such a goner now. I knew it in my heart. Here was the man I'd been seeking...  
This was the point... right here. He dropped to his knees, still cradling me to him, holding me so tightly, and told me he wanted me to be his. 
It wasn't really as if I had a choice... I don't think either of us did. It was just right.  
He pulled me out of the shower and we left my naughty place, going to my home and crawling in bed together. We spoke softly, exchanging promises, holding each other. Though these photographs might show otherwise, we talked, and laughed. I was happy... blissfully happy... and the beautiful thing is that I know he was, too. He wanted to give me as much as I wanted to give him.  
I almost hesitated to tell this story on my blog. It should be private, I suppose, just between the two of us, but I've shared every step of my journey here so far... why should I stop now? This isn't the end... it's a beginning.  
It was way past the time we both should have been in our real beds but neither of us were ready to break the connection we'd made. He asked... no, he took... me one last time. 
This was making love... we'd crossed a line. Kisses and caresses... the sweet, sweet words I've longed to hear.  
I don't know where we're headed... and I don't care. I'm only looking as far as today. Knowing I have a man who loves me. A man I love. For today, I need nothing more. 
We have lots more to discuss... Neither of us are the monogamous sort so we're going to have to wade our way through the difficulties of an open relationship. 
As you know, dear readers, the last time, it became a clusterfuck of epic proportions and I won't go through that again. This won't be forever... I know that as does he. But I learned a lot the last time... a lot about myself and my needs.  
I won't sell myself short and take less than I deserve. And less than I want. Ark is a communicator... and that's why I feel safe giving myself to him. He loves to talk to me as much as he loves to fuck me. This time... there won't be any misunderstandings. We all bear the scars of past relationships and it would be silly to think I'm going to move forward into this without taking the lessons I've learned with me. I can't speak for what's in his past, but I know he has the scars, too. We all do. 
I have a voracious sexual appetite. My body... I will continue to share that with my lovers, both new and old. These are men that I care about, my friends, men who respect me. I've forged my own path in Second Life and it hasn't always been easy. But I know who I am. I'm Beth Macbain... complicated, convoluted, beautiful and amazing. And my heart is his.

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  1. Beth I am so happy for you. You deserve the best that is out there and I hope you truly have found your one. Lil


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