Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creepy As FUCK

Sitting at my desk, scratching my damn head.
I did some research tonight (meaning browsing the marketplace) on what sort of prim babies are out there... and I've come to one conclusion. They are all creepy as fuck.

Seriously, like the stuff of nightmares. What in every fuck?
I love my house. Our house.
I'm no builder or designer or maker-of-things, but there is so much awesome stuff to be had in SL, why in the hell are the babies all so freaking... weird?
Kill it. Kill it with fire!
I can't even figure out what is so wrong with them... but they just are! Not just ugly, but... scary weird creepy. Like, they were snatched from the pits of hell. Demon spawn. They will eat your soul, people!

Every prim baby is Chucky's sibling, I'm certain of it.
Yeah, that's wine in my hand. Yeah, I'm pregnant. So?
What does this mean for my pregnancy? I don't know... but I know I won't be attaching one of those prim monsters to my hip.

Maybe me and my guy can be surrogate parents? Or, you know, careless people who habitually get knocked up and sell their babies on the black market? People who ship their infants off to a Swiss boarding school immediately after birth?

I wasn't a girly-girl as a child. I played with Barbies, but never really did the baby doll thing. Stuffed animals, yes. I guess I've always preferred animals to children.
Getting sloshed with Frosty looking over my shoulder.
Oooh... can I give birth to a puppy or a kitten? Maybe a platypus?

Eh, that's kinda creepy, too. Can I trade the baby for a kitten?

Anyway, so yeah... that whole maternal thing just skipped right the fuck over me. Biological clock? I smashed that bitch with a sledge hammer. I've never been around kids much. I have a bunch of siblings, but they're all much older than me. My neighborhood was all people whose kids were the ages of my older brothers and sisters. Even as a kid, I didn't really relate to kids.
I know Ark is really happy about this pregnancy. And I love him beyond reason. But I wouldn't be happy trying to fake being a mom in Second Life. I trust that he'll understand that.

Fingers crossed.

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