Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Evening With Almost Finished

First photo Al took of me, unedited.
I was recently able to spend an evening with a gentleman who I consider one of the very best photographers in Second Life, Almost Finished.

Every photo he takes is a story... full of passion and need.

I was so honored to be asked to pose for him. It took a while to get our schedules worked out but we finally found the time. He found his inspiration for our shoot in my previous post about my erotic massage.

He took me to one of the most gorgeous, sensual spots I've ever been to. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect... would I just be posing, or would things get naughty?

As my readers know, I have a bit of a thing for photographers. And Al is a very sexy photographer... and very, very hands on.

I wasn't even aware he was taking photos as he worked his hands all over my tense body. Before long, it was his mouth... his very nimble tongue working it's way between my swollen folds and bringing me to a delicious orgasm.

I wanted more... I wanted his cock and he certainly delivered. Climbing up on the table with me, nudging my thighs further apart and fucking my little pink pussy so good.

And then things got raw. He pulled me to my knees and spread my ass checks... put the thick head of his cock against my pucker and pushed in. So good... so very, very good. I loved every second of it... and when he pushed me down on my belly and just fucking took me, I was in ecstasy. He lead me over the edge again before pulling out and shooting ribbon after ribbon of hot semen on my lower back. So very delicious.

To see the full set of photos, please visit his wonderful blog, Almost and Nearly, and be sure to check out all his work!

I look forward to posing with him often in the future.

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