Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Bi?

No, I'm not referring to anyone who is truly bisexual... If that's your thing, go for it!

However, I'm curious about why women, especially sexually open and active women, are kind of expected to be bisexual... or at least situationally bi.

But men? No, it's never ever expected of them.

If there is a group of three and it's a man and two women, there is very little question of whether or not the women are going to play together.

But god forbid you have a mfm situation and expect the two men to cross swords. That's GAY!

What a double standard.

(Double standards seem to be becoming a theme for this blog, don't they?)

With women, it's a natural and beautiful thing for them to touch and kiss and rub all over each other, right?

Let me let you guys in on a little secret... as much as you love watching two women get it on, most of us girls love watching two men together, too. Ask most women what kind of porn they watch. Gay porn is going to be right up there for a lot of them. And fan-fiction and erotica? Slash is more popular than hetero stuff... and most of it is written by women.

It's fucking sexy to see two men who are into each other going at it... and a mfm situation where all parties are equally involved and not caring about who touches who as long as it feels good? YUM!

But you know what? I'd never ask my male lovers to do things they aren't comfortable with.

So why is it okay for men to not only ask, but expect, women to get all up in each other's business?

I've done it. I did it to please my guy, which is just ridiculous when you think about it.

I've called myself situationally bi. It's just sex, right? No biggie.

I'm not into girls. I am strictly heterosexual. I love men. I love cock. Women do not turn me on sexually. I would never seek out a female lover and when other chicks hit on me, I politely decline.

Yet men still expect this. In one of the groups I belong to on SL, our group tags denote our sort-of sexual preferences... not written in stone, just sort of what we're generally looking for. X are singles, XX couples... XX3 is for three or more. And all of them have the additional B that can be added onto the end for bisexual. Almost all of the women have the B in their tags. I did, too, when I was part of a couple. It's since been removed and now I'm just an X. But I look at other women, those in couples and those who are single... so many Bs tagged on to the end.

Are all those women really bi, or are they doing it because it pleases men? My opinion, and this is only coming from me, is that they aren't really bisexual. You men have the upper hand here... we girls are, by nature, nurturing and try to please our lovers... even if it means eating pussy, something we'd normally never do. At least, something I would never normally do.

Try finding sex furniture in SL that is built for threesomes or moresomes where there are animations for bisexual men. It's almost impossible. They ALL have plenty of FMF animations where the women are all over each other... MFM with animations that involve the men touching rather than just banging the women? Almost nonexistent.

I talk a lot about equality between the sexes... I think this is just further proof that we aren't there yet. Women are still expected to do what the men want, at least in this situation, while women bite their lips and say nothing and certainly don't expect a reciprocal situation.

And that's a shame. Either men need to stop expecting all women to eat pussy when it's in front of them, or they need to be willing to suck some dick to amuse their lady friends.

Guys? What do you think? Anyone willing to bend over and take it in the ass for my pleasure?

No? Didn't think so. So don't expect me to munch on any carpet to get you off, either.

Not saying I'll never be with a woman again... I'm fluid enough to flow with the situation if it feels good to me.

But I won't be bi just to tickle your masculine fancies.

Ladies, stand up for yourselves... If you don't want to do it, say no. If it's something you're really and truly into, go for it, but don't feel pressured because you're afraid your man will think you're a prude if you don't do it. And if he sulks about it... well, fuck that. Turn the tables. Tell him you'll do it if he'll suck cock for you.

Fair is fair, right?

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