Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Was It Good For You, Too?

Last night, I got a mani/pedi/brow wax for $70.

Tonight, I paid for a double happy ending massage for $60.

Which was more satisfying?

Yeah... it was the mani/pedi.

Mind you, I did orgasm twice. I did not orgasm getting my mani/pedi, though I have to be honest when I say that when my little Asian nail tech gave me my leg and foot massage, my panties were wet.

So what was missing tonight?

First off... well, it's been over a year since I've seen this guy and time plays tricks on the mind. I completely forgot about the fact that as soon as he opens his mouth, my gaydar goes off.

He's not gay... but he's absolutely bisexual. This isn't a problem for me... I love bi guys, but he's just a wee bit too effeminate for my tastes.

No matter, I'm not looking to date him, right?

So anyway, the massage portion of the evening was delightful. I've never had a bad massage and this dude is right up there at the top of the best I've had.

I am nothing special... at least, my body isn't. I'm a middle-aged, overweight woman. I take care of what I've got, but still... I'm not the 22 year old hard body I once was.

Maybe I was overeager. My panting and moaning (not fake) might have enticed him to entirely skip the front of one leg and go straight for the wet spot growing between my legs. Great! I was ready at that point to be touched down there.

My hand brushed against his shorts and he was hard. I caressed, he dropped the shorts. SO MUCH PRECUM! I mean, seriously, you'd think a guy that does this for a living wouldn't be so... er... liquidy? But he was seeping.

I had fun with that. I love to play with a nice cock and enjoyed rubbing the precum all over him.

Good times.

At that point, he climbed up to join me on the table, covering me... here comes the sex, I thought!


What?! WHAT??

That's right... he didn't have a condom. Penetration was out of the question. I like to live dangerously, but that's too much. So we played around a bit with that, lots of rubbing, etc., and I was ready for another big O.

He got down and started rubbing my snatch again while I played with his cock. About the time I crested the second wave, he unleashed in my hand. And holy crap... I thought there was a lot of precum?

Voluminous amounts of cum. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever in my 44 years seen that much cum come out of one cock at one time. It was... a lot. I mean, seriously. He completely covered my hand AND my side. It was pretty astounding, really. I was impressed by how much there was.

Now, I like cum. I was disappointed I didn't get a chance to get his cock in my mouth and get a face full, which was where I wanted it.

But this girl is resourceful so I made the best of the situation, and it's not like there wasn't plenty of it to enjoy so I take my cum-coated hand, gathered the rest off my side and where it was dripping onto the table and gave myself a little cum massage. The sticky stuff just feels so good...

And that was the end of my massage. No penetrative sex, no blow job. I'm not for one second saying his hands didn't feel good on me... they did. All over. But I wanted something more.


I guess I'm still searching for whatever it is I'm looking for. I thought this would fill a void that Second Life, for all it's wonderful properties, just can't fill. But it didn't. I get more and better orgasms with my lovers on screen than I did with my masseur.

He took warm, wet towels and cleaned me off. We chatted a few minutes. I paid him. He made me promise not to wait a year to come see him again.

I went to DQ and got a burger and came home.

Even with two climaxes (three if you count his), it was still pretty anticlimactic.

Am I actually going to have to go on a date with someone to get my needs met? I hate the thought of it... dating in RL is just a hassle. Takes too much time, too much effort.

But I can't continue on with this... need... whatever it is... occupying my every waking and sleeping thought.

So that was my big night.

And here's another little video I shot... getting better, perhaps?!

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