Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pre-Gaming for Sex

Those of you who know me well know I have another blog, long abandoned, that I started to tell stories about my RL adventures.

My last blog post on that was about the time I paid for sex.

Well, kids, I'm going to do it again.

I don't know why I feel the need to point this out, but I do... I don't need to pay for sex. I have a variety of options at my fingertips. As a matter of fact, the dude I'm seeing tomorrow (same guy as before) offered it up for free, but I don't want that.

There are a couple of reasons... first is because it's so totally forbidden. Illegal, even. A bit dangerous. I like that.

Secondly, it comes with zero complications. I'm paying the dude... He does what I want. Hell, I don't even have to touch him unless I want to. I can just lie back on the massage table and get my happy ending(s).

There will be no late night phone calls, or emails, or whatever... unless I initiate it. Everything that happens, happens on my terms.

I fucking love it.

And he's quite masterful with his hands... and mouth. And other parts.

Anyway, pre-gaming.

I'm going to be honest here... I'm a single woman. I mean, that's no big secret, but when you live alone and don't have a regular lover, you tend to let things go. Every time I shave my snatch, I promise myself I won't let the forest get out of hand again.

I am NOT a morning person, though. The very last thing I need near my clit when I'm half-asleep in the shower in the morning is a razor! So, yeah, there's that.

Mani/pedi? Yeah, had to go for that tonight. Not that it's a pain to do... it's fucking fabulous... but I'm broke and that's a luxury item. The foot and leg massage really makes it all worthwhile, though... Jesus.

See? Pretty!
And I have pretty shiny royal blue toenails now and a delightful french manicure.
Brow wax? Oh, yes. Tweezing sucks and I do like to have a nice arch in my brow.

So that was tonight... I'm waxed, polished, shaved bare... ready to go. Until tomorrow when it's hair and makeup time.

Do guys have to go through this much? If not, they should. I won't be with a man who doesn't manscape. I don't want my mouth on a hairy bush any more than you guys do.

But... mani/pedis? Guys, if you don't get them, you really should. I mean, you really, really should. Not only is it just more aesthetically pleasing, it's a divine experience. Trust me.

So, yeah, I've spent the evening pre-gaming for sex.

I cannot wait for tomorrow!

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