Saturday, October 26, 2013

Off With Their Heads!

I had a work thing this morning that involved my ass stumbling out of bed at 4am.

I'd love to write a nice big juicy post about something terribly important but that would require energy I simply don't have at this stage of the day.

Instead, I attended a lovely costume party at Olina. I decided I should be the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, one of my very most favorite books of all time. (Bonus fact! The Red Queen is from Through the Looking Glass... the Queen of Hearts is Alice in Wonderland and they were two very different characters!)

When I left the party, I thought I should snap a few pics before I put the costume away. Enjoy!*


*Something very strange happened to my lipstick when I uploaded these pics after number 3, and I'm just too damned tired right now to figure it out or fix it. Oh well.

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  1. You stole my heart with your dark side ;-) A beautiful set of photos very sexy Beth


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