Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Love You... But I'm Not IN Love With You...

Guys... c'mere. We need to chat. 

This morning, I had a brief conversation with a lover. One I've had numerous times in my 44 years and it got me thinking. Actually, it got me pretty irritated. 

Men and women approach sex differently... even NSA sex.

Hell, men and women are just different. We gals are by nature more emotional. Men are supposed to spread their seed and propagate the species... women are supposed to nurture. Got it. 

That doesn't mean, however, that every time we trip over one of your dicks, BOOM, we're in love. 

I get this warning a lot... "I'm not looking for a relationship right now. We're having fun, but that's all there is, okay?"

Yes, it's fucking okay. Did I ever give any hint that it wasn't? That I was looking for something more? 

As a woman... it's fucking presumptuous and insulting. It's a double-damn standard. How would you guys like to hear this every time we fuck? 

"Look, I enjoy fucking you. It's great, really. But don't go falling in love with me, okay? I know it's hard, since I'm so fucking awesome, but (pats you on the head), I'm just not looking for a relationship right now."

Sounds pretty asinine, doesn't it?

I love men. I mean, I really fucking love you guys and love fucking you. When we're together doing the nasty, I love you... and I mean that as in I love you because you're a man. I'm not in love with you. There is a huge difference there. 

How dare any of you think your deep-dickin' is so great that I immediately fall in love? Jesus fucking Christ, guys. C'mon! Stop that shit!

As a heterosexual woman, men are amazing. I adore you. Your taste, your scent, your raw masculinity... your cocks. And I want you to spread your seed not just inside me, but all over me. I crave it. I really do.

That's not love, dolls. That's lust and maybe it can be easily confused for love by some. When I'm writhing beneath you, babbling and moaning and begging you to fuck me harder, that's my pussy talking, not my heart.

And when I'm telling you how good you fuck me? Babes, that's praise for a job well done. 

The message here, gentlemen, is to stop getting ahead of yourselves. If my heart gets involved in things, trust me, you'll know it. 

I'm an effusive and vocal lover. Don't mistake it for anything more than that. 

The men I fuck all have qualities that I love... otherwise, why would I be fucking you? Every single one of you is different and wonderful in your own unique way. I seek those qualities in my guys. Having traits that I love doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly be ass-over-teacups in love with you. 

Stop being so damn patronizing and misogynistic and thinking it's your job to protect my fragile little female heart. When you're getting your dicks wet, you're feeling the same things... maybe not so vocal about it, but it's there. Endorphins and adrenaline and all sorts of hormones are wildly thrashing around in our bodies and makes us talk crazy. 

If we're doing it right, that is. 

Some of you I suspect get off on thinking that your love-making skills are so outstanding that women can't help but fall in love with you. Okay, I get that. You're seeking some validation. Great. But you need to check yourself before you start spilling those stupid lines I quoted above because that's all on you and it's all in your head.

And every time I hear it, the urge to clamp my thighs shut and hang out the "pussy closed" sign is massive. 

I'll stroke your egos and your cocks... but don't forget that an Aeros is a dime a dozen. Pretty cocks can be found everywhere... SL and RL. You're going to have to be more than a great fuck before you take my heart. 

I think you're the bomb-diggity. I do. I'm particular about who I fuck. If we're banging, it's because I'm drawn to you, yes. Maybe someday I will fall in love with one of you but that day isn't going to be today.

So... guys. Swallow those words the next time you consider saying them. Take a step back, breath deeply and let it go. 

And take your pants off. I want to fuck. 

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