Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Unpopular Opinion

I've been saving this post waiting for the pinkwashing of October to sort of die down, but here goes anyway.

Fuck Susan G. Koman and fuck all the fucking pink.

Here's a little tidbit of information Koman would like you to not be so aware of- Breast cancer isn't the only cancer out there.

Shocking, I know.

But seriously, is anyone NOT aware of breast cancer at this point?
I know it's fun to jump on the bandwagon, but fuck... enough, already. 

My first issue with Koman is the use of the money they raise. I'm in fundraising. It's what I do for a living and I understand better than most people that you have to spend money to raise money. I try hard not to focus on percentages of admin/fundraising costs vs. dollars raised. I'm very aware of the public perception, though. My place 89 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to our programs. That's pretty good, but it certainly doesn't tell the full story. I also understand that for an organization the size of Koman, you have to pay the executive director well. Nancy Brinker makes $634,000 a year. Up a whopping 64% over her 2010 salary.

Come the fuck on! Really? A 64% increase even through her enormous Planned Parenthood fuck up? That's not acceptable to me. She should have been fired. Instead, she was richly rewarded.
 Secondly, if you want to fund research for breast cancer cures, that's great. Why give the money to the middle-man, which is essentially what Koman is? Give directly to the research facilities doing the work.
 Thirdly, and this is very personal to me, where is the awareness and support for other forms of cancer? I know it's out there, but Koman has absolutely obliterated support for others.

My mom died from colon cancer. It was a horrible thing to witness... She was such an amazing woman and my life is forever scarred, not just by losing her, but by watching the cancer ravage her body. Seeing the last breath escape her beautiful face. 

And it didn't have to be that way. Colon cancer is almost entirely preventable. Mom refused to get a colonoscopy and paid with her life.
I'll be getting my second one next year. I got my first at 40 after fighting with my doctor who was unaware that when you have a direct link to colon cancer, you need to start at age 40, not 50. Can you imagine that? A doctor not knowing that? Perhaps if there were as much awareness about colon cancer as there is for breast cancer, she'd have known. She certainly sent me for my first mammogram at 40.

There is nothing fun about getting a tube with a camera stuck up your butt. Okay, that's not true... I was knocked out cold for the procedure and woke up stoned and happy as a clam. 

But the day before... oh, fuck that! Forget the whole not eating for 24 hours... that was bad, but nothing compared to drinking that nasty stuff and spending the next 12 hours sitting on the toilet shitting molten lava. Nothing can prepare you for the misery of that, but you know what? I survived. It was no big deal.

The procedure itself can remove the polyps that are the very early stages of colon cancer. The discomfort is a truly small price to pay. Mine was all clear, by the way. A very healthy colon... for now. I'll go back every five years to not but myself or my family through what we went through with Mom.

So, anyway... Fuck Pinktober. I resent the shit out of it and every pink thing that goes along with it.

Enjoy these pictures of my butt hole. And go find out what's up yours.

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