Friday, June 16, 2017

So About That Random Naked Guy...

He came back.

With an invitation this time.
He IMed me a couple of days ago with condolences. He didn't have to do that after how I'd treated him (and blogged about him) but he did.

And we started chatting and I invited him over. Though we're both naked in that photo (well, all these photos), nothing really happened that night. We just sat and talked and it was barely even sexual at all. Oh, we flirted a bit but we kept it reasonably clean. Extremely clean for me.

And you know what, you guys? I like him.
We got together again tonight at this really gorgeous surfing sim he showed me. We sat in a waterfall, cuddled a lot, and talked a lot.

Did I mention I like him?
He's intelligent. Mature. Easy to talk to, even in voice. And if you know me at all, you know I shy away from voice most of the time. We spent a couple of hours just talking.
I won't say it didn't get sexual... you all know me better than that, and he is fabulously handsome, but the sexual things didn't actually happen in SL. It happened in voice. And it was exquisite.

And I enjoyed it, a lot... and I enjoyed just spending time talking to him just as much as I enjoyed the sex.

How about them apples, huh?
Is this going to go anywhere? Who knows? We just met and though he's followed me on Flickr and this blog for a while, we're really just getting to know each other now.

I just know I like him, and for right now, that's all that really matters.

So maybe having random naked guys wander onto my property from time to time isn't such a bad thing.

It certainly wasn't in this case.
After he logged off, I wandered around the sim he showed me for a while. You should visit... it's amazingly well done. It's called the Surf Cove at Playa Perdida. Be sure to read the notecard at the landing point and don't mistake this for a sex sim! The focus is water sports (not THOSE kind) and other outdoor activities. It's gorgeous and I loved exploring, and zip-lining, and cliff diving, and yes, I even tried my hand at surfing.

Can't say I was very good at it, but I'll give it another try!
And then I found a hammock strung up high in a tree and just thought about life for a while. Thought about Dad, and how desperately much I miss him. It's been a week now, and I still keep grabbing my phone to see if he's called me.

I miss him so much. It still hurts but I know he isn't suffering anymore, and he was before he passed. I find some peace in that.

I still want him back here with me, though.
So, yeah... that's what's going on with me. Still hurting, but it's not quite so acute anymore. At least, not every moment. 

And I'm retracting my previous statements about random naked guys, or at least a certain one. He's welcome to wander onto my land any time he wants. And I hope he does. :-)

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