Monday, July 11, 2016

International Relations

Relations between America and the rest of the world aren't at their best point right now. Due to my country's foreign policy, as well as our bat-shit crazy presidential race, proliferation of guns, violence, racism, murder and mayhem. I'm afraid the planet doesn't think too highly of us Americans at the moment, with good reason. 
I decided to take it upon myself to improve things as best I can. I found myself with a few free hours today that I normally don't have during the week. You see, I'm usually at work right now but I took the day off and was able to be in SL early enough to catch some residents from other countries online before they took themselves off to bed.
I was lucky enough to run into this gentlemen from an undisclosed country that isn't the USA. I believe we made great strides towards improving connections through our liaison.

At the very least, we were both smiling rather broadly at the end of our encounter. Fences were, indeed, mended.
My new friend appreciated my efforts, I do believe. If the present he left deep inside me is any indication, he appreciated it very much!
Never let it be said that I won't support my country... at least when it comes to international relations and making certain that other... countries... know we aren't all gun-toting morons. Most of us, I believe, would much rather make love than war.
Isn't it much better to shed clothing than blood?

Both can leave you quite sticky, though. ;-) 

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