Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More Men Needed!

Second Life is a strange world, indeed.

It's a wonderful world, but sometimes things get absolutely tipped over ass backwards.

Take this little club I'm creating for instance. I've asked for people to contact me if they're interested in joining.

Fellas, I'm going to need you to step it up because I have more interested women than men.
Imagine that! More beautiful women interested in hanging out in a club where they can have random sex with handsome men than handsome men interested in having amazing sex with gorgeous women.

Mind you, I've turned a couple away for various reasons. I am being selective, as promised. I've turned down a couple of women, too, who I've just not gotten the right vibe from.

That said, though... what's going on? I know this isn't an issue unique to me and my little club. It's something you encounter all over the grid. A lot of women and a few men. I'm too lazy to look up demographics on SL, but I always assumed there were far more men that women. Am I wrong about that?

Or is there a fairly equal number, but it just so happens the women are far more sexual than the men? I have a hard time believing that. Or is it that men are intimated by strong sexual women? What am I missing here?

And no, I'm not taking into account those asshole men who have women avatars. And if I suspect any member is doing that, they won't be allowed in the club.

And even to my own ears, that makes me sound transphobic and that's not the case at all, but that's a topic for another post.


I know you're out there, guys. I follow a lot of you on Flickr.

Ladies, too. I still don't have as many as I'd like to start things off and it's getting closer and closer to when I feel I can throw the doors open.

Perhaps I made the rules too stringent? I've already made exceptions on some minor things... perhaps I should do away with the rules all together and take it on a case by case basis? At t his point, it wouldn't be unmanageable to do that.

One of the biggest things I want is for members to look good and this seems to be a problem for some guys. I know you don't have the same choices we women do, but it IS possible. There is just no damn excuse to have Flintstone feet these days.
Or hair that looks like this.
Or skin and a shape like this. 
Or these clothes.
C'mon, guys... let's be serious for a second. You would never hit on a woman in SL these days that is the female equivalent of the mess above so why should we ladies settle for anything less that YOUR best, too? 

You might be the most amazing guy in the world behind that clusterfuck of an avatar, but I'm not going to give you a second glance, especially not for a good, steamy, erotic random fuck, if you don't make some effort to look good. 

If you can't make that effort, I'm going to assume you're going to put the same lack of effort into your emotes. 

But, really, that's just a few of you. I know damn good and well there are some amazing looking men reading this. And some gorgeous women. And I know you're smart and funny and erotic gods and goddesses. 

So get in touch with me, damn it! I need you. I want you. 

I'll be sending out invitations to join the group in just a few days. Maybe even this weekend. 

And I can't wait to meet you!

Email me... Or contact me inworld. Or on Flickr. Just contact me, please!

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  1. Would appreciate an oppurtunity to join your club.
    My Flickr is you like,

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Dag ( Gideaninja Dagger )


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