Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sometimes If You Want Something Done...

You gotta do it yourself.
I'm working on a little project, you guys!

Yep, I'm opening up my own place. For sex. Public sex.

I have no idea when it'll be open... I'm taking my time putting it together. Could be a week or a month.

It's small... I have no desire to compete with any of the large adult establishments. They're already done brilliantly and beautifully. But this place won't have any events, nothing like that. It's just a small warehouse. More of just a hang-out really... though, not the type of hang-out where people just stand around staring at each other. Hang out, participate in conversation, laugh... and fuck. It'll be cozy, intimate and welcoming. A bar, a few comfy chairs and couches, some tasteful BDSM apparatus, a small dance floor. Something outside because I have a big plot of land (I wanted the prims!) though it's not entirely decided what yet.

No poseballs, no neon, no flashing tacky crap. I want it to be like a big cozy living room. Or the neighborhood bar... where you happen to have lots of great sex.

And, yes, I'll keep it discreet. I'm not going to be snapping photos of people in flagrante delicto and posting them all over this blog and Flickr. Members will be known only to other members, without judgement, because we're all there for the same thing. And if I catch wind of any "oh my god, I saw so-and-so and such-and-such having sex at... blah, blah, blah", the blabbermouths will be kicked out and banned.
I like to swing... You should, too, if you want to be a member.
I've never owned a club before and I know I'm going to make a zillion mistakes, but I'm going to be pretty tough when it comes to activity in the club. And I'm going to be tough on who gets in, too. The number one rule is that members must be open to engaging in sexual activity in public. No, more than open to it... excited and enthusiastic about it. And human. Adult, of course. And, yeah, you're going to have to look good, too, because sex.

And, yes, looking good is subjective. I'll try to keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste as me, but... no Flintstone feet, no helmet hair, no long hair on men, no system clothes... you know the drill.

Membership will be closed, and free at least in the beginning (there's a tip jar on the bar)... I want this to spread by word of mouth, and on recommendations of others. I'm not listing it in search, won't be advertising it all over. I'd rather have 50 interactive members than 30,000 who don't do anything.

And none of this means that everyone will be expected to have sex with everyone else. No still means no. Not everyone will be attracted to everyone else.

I have no idea if this is going to work or not. It's entirely possible that I'm the only person in SL that is interested in this. I honestly don't know. I hope I'm not. I'd really like it to succeed in being a small place where awesome people can gather and be naughty without judgement.

If you'd like to be a charter member, please let me know! You can comment here, send me a notecard in Second Life, or drop me an email at I'm not quite ready to start adding members yet, but I hope to soon. I have the beginnings of a notecard with rules and all that stuff on it, if interested.
Still lots of work to do!
Oh hell... I've said it out loud now. There's no going back!

I'm so excited!


  1. I think this sounds fantastic. So many of the members only adult clubs focus on the events and that is the only time there is anyone there. They also seem to be generally light on the people who actually are ok with public sex. So many times I talk to people and they want to head back to there place. I love the idea of getting rid of all the glitz and just focusing on a nice neighborhood place. Casual and fun and focused on finding friends and having a good time.

  2. I would like to be a member, if you don't mind a member who can't actually go there. I'll be happy to contribute, regardless.


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