Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Fuck Group

I find myself wandering around SL bored quite a bit.

Sometimes I'm shopping, or taking photos, or just hanging out, but often I'm actually on the prowl for some good sex.
It's surprisingly hard to find.

Oh, sex is easy to find... but I'm talking about good sex. With someone who looks good and emotes well. A put together avatar, proper (mostly) grammar, not insane, not clingy... just another sane, mature adult looking for an hour or two of filthy fun before going their separate ways.

I go to the clubs... everyone is standing around looking pretty, but not talking. Are they already involved in some hot sexting? Or are they also just standing around looking for a good fuck? I don't know.

So... it's got me thinking.

About starting a group. The Fuck Group.

A properly vetted group of intelligent, sexy, mature adults where someone looking to play can open the group chat and see if anyone is available and interested.

Oh, I know there are other groups that claim to offer the same thing... but I'm looking at a very exclusive, smallish group. Not attached to a single place, or a single fetish or kink. More just a group of like-minded adults where it's okay to say "Hey, I'm feeling rather aroused... anyone interested?"

It could be singles... or couples looking for a third party for the evening, or another couple... or even an impromptu orgy if that's what you happen to be in the mood for.
And you would know that whoever responds is going to be someone that has shown a talent for being really good at erotic encounters, and that won't be stalking you, or annoying you after the fact.

They'll be fun, sexy, intelligent, mature, able to operate a menu, use complete sentences, understand the art of foreplay, and how to discretely make an exit once both (or all) parties are well-sated. I might even open my house up to group members wanting a place to play privately away from all the usual places, or their homes. That is, if people don't mind me popping in and out. Or as a place for small group meetings... a little group sex?

So I guess I'm just curious if anyone else would be interested in something like that. Please feel free to leave a comment below, or on my Flickr, or you can email me privately at
We'd need a fairly decent balance of men and women... and I suppose we'd need to come up with some sort of good vetting process. Maybe invite people to the group based on recommendations? A little cut-and-paste of their emotes? Hell, it wouldn't be hard to create a little private web page where we could post... er, reviews is such a tacky way to put it... um... recommendations? I don't know, maybe that's going too far... lol.

I'm just thinking of a nice little group for NSA encounters where you don't have to go through the bother of searching the grid for someone who tickles your fancy. The cream of the crop. A closed, private, exclusive group.

I'm just so tired of being bored, aroused and only finding idiots looking for a fast fuck. Surely I'm not the only one... am I?

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I being ridiculous?

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  1. i think and yes i`m hoping my comments dont post twice!,. but i think its a damn fine idea.. come find me we`ll do " lunch"


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