Saturday, February 6, 2016


I am both Type A and Type B, depending on what we're talking about.

In SL... when it comes to my inventory, I am totally Type A. I absolutely have to have things organized or I lose my shit.

I am currently losing my shit.

Look, I know in the grand scheme of all inventories in SL, my paltry 44,001 isn't much. I'm very good about deleting boxes and old shit I'll never wear or use again so I keep it at a manageable number.

Manageable... lol. 44,001.

I have a new place now, and it's much smaller than my old place. From 3 plots down to 1 now. Previously, I had my inventory sorted into nice little folders for each plot, with sub-folders and more sub-folders under those sub-folders. With some more sub-folders for good measure.

This morning, I decided it was time to start decorating my new plot and house. And realized it made no sense to have my inventory sorted into the three plots anymore so I decided to combine them.


Oh sweet Jesus, what have I done?!

I am buried in crap. SO MUCH STUFF. And the way I had it sorted before makes no sense now. And now I have all my house stuff in one gargantuan folder... and I'm trying to sort everything into sub-folders that make sense to me. And what makes sense today probably won't make sense tomorrow! Furniture folders, tschotchke folders, lighting folders, frame folders, plants folders, outdoor furniture folders, landscaping folders, building folders, wall stuff folders, floor stuff folders, ceiling stuff folders.


And then comes that moment when you're dragging a bunch of stuff from one folder to another, and your hand slips, and suddenly you've dumped a bunch of stuff in a folder... and you can't tell which folder it is and you have to open all the damn folders to find it.

Or you come to that one item that just doesn't really fit in any of the other folders and WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT?

Yes, I have the SL equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer in my inventory... the folder labeled "crap". The vast wasteland folder in which things will disappear never to be seen again. Sometimes I think I'll just delete that folder but WHAT IF I NEED SOMETHING IN THERE??

And why do I have 17 copies of some things? Why?!

Is it safe to empty my trash folder?!


Maybe I'll just go shopping.

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  1. ouch i wish i didn't but i know exactly what your talking about! Good luck.


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