Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pissed Off at the World

I'm pissed off, y'all.

And I don't like it. I'm not an angry person, but I've found myself unbearably angry the past few days.
FIrst off, I'm PMSing. Secondly, I've got a nasty sinus infection that has kept me home the last two days. It's much better today, but I still had a fever this morning and am still full of green gunk. Did you know your body can produce up to two quarts of mucus a day?!

How sexy is THAT?
And then there is my family. I've documented my issues with my sister before... and I very much believe that the stress she caused my brother hastened his death. I can't forgive her, for many, many things. But it seems my brother told my sister-in-law about a month before he died that he feared his death would cause a bigger rift in my family. So there is this big ongoing discussion now about how, to honor his wishes, we should all put the past in the past and love each other and be all like the Waltons.

Fuck that. I can't. My sister behaves atrociously and now I'm the bitch because I won't forgive her.

I'm exaggerating a bit. I haven't joined in the discussion and voiced my opinion... and I'm not going to because then I really will be the big bitch.
And then there is Second Life. And this body I'm wearing, the Belleza Venus. I am absolutely fit to be tied over the fact that I was told there would be a major update back in January, yet nothing... and not a word from Tricky, the creator. And that's bad enough, but he has this group of sycophants who go fucking bananas when I (or anyone else) voice their opinion regarding the lack of communication.

And that shit pisses me off more than the lack of communication. And, yes, apparently I violated TOS today by sharing an IM I got from Tricky back in December regarding the update. I'm pretty sure the sycophants all reported me. Tricky, for his part, laughed when I told him this and told me not to worry about it. He also admitted that he has handled their communication poorly. In his defense, he took all the blame on himself.

I get that he's an artist... and that he's a bit eccentric and all that, and I'm cool with that. And I do not want an updated Venus that isn't completely in line with what he wants it to be. All I want is better communication regarding the progress of the update.

And to not be fucking shouted down when I express that opinion.
I got angry enough about these little bitches that I went and grabbed the Maitreya Lara demo for about the fourth time, determined to make myself like it enough to buy it and make the leap from Belleza to Maitreya.

But, damn it, I just don't like the Lara. I love the HUD. I love the alpha options. I love the save options. I love the neck fix.

But I can't find a skin I like... mainly because I just freaking love my Belleza Mya skin. It's a nice, mature skin that doesn't make me look like a 17 year old. And I don't like the Lara nipples. I love that with the Venus, I can make my nipples as dark or light as I want and I don't seem to have that option with the Lara.
So, no, I won't be making the change. I love the Venus, even with it's bad neck and lack of alpha cut options and will continue waiting for Tricky to get it perfect.

I did leave the Belleza Mesh Creators Group, though, so as not to be tempted to jump into the fray again with those snotty little bitches.
So, yeah, I'm fucking grumpy. And I don't like it and don't want to be grumpy anymore.

I'm mad about being mad. I'm sure it'll get better once my PMS is gone AND this sinus infection clears up and I don't feel like a snot-monster.
And, damn it, I realized after I took all these photos that somehow one of my rings got detached... and that pisses me off, too! 

And I don't like the new Firestorm update! I hate the snapshot floater thing. And for some reason, every time I log on, the water is all fucked up! I have no idea if that's the update, or the latest driver update for my graphics card... they both happened at the same time, damn it. 

Grrrr... grumble, grumble, grumble.

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