Friday, January 2, 2015


  1. I will read more blogs. I am a horrible blogger who neglects reading what my friends and fellow bloggers write. In 2015, I promise I will do better.
  2. I will get over the irrational anger I feel every time I hear that Hozier song "Take Me To Church". I used to feel that "Horse With No Name" was the worst song in the history of music, but I've changed my mind. There is absolutely nothing good about "Take Me To Church". It's simply horrible and I find myself getting truly angry whenever I hear it. I will always hate the song with a burning hot passion, but I'm going to stop letting myself get mad at how awful it is.
  3. I will feed the cats more gushy fud. I know it's good for them but I'm incredibly lazy about making sure they get it often enough. I'll do better.
  4. I will try to do better when it comes to accepting change and going with the flow. I can be incredibly rigid and get pissy when life throws me for a loop. I can't promise I won't stumble, but I will try to be more flexible. But, no, Ms. Rogue... you can't tear my house down and built me a new one. I love my house. I do! 
  5. I will do better at leaving reviews, good and bad, on items I buy on the Marketplace. I rely heavily on reviews when I make purchases but I'm terrible about leaving them. 
  6. I'm going to do more to be a positive voice for sexual expression in Second Life. This blog is a big part of that, but somehow I'm going to continue trying to do my part to help others, in and out of SL, see that Second Life is a healthy way to explore and express sexuality.
  7. In that same vein, I will also do what I can to continue being a voice for strong sexual females. I hate slut-shaming and I'm going to start calling it out when I see it. I despise the double standards that exist in the real world, and in Second Life. And it infuriates me when I see women doing it to each other. I believe men follow our lead when it comes to embracing and rejoicing in sex positive females. I will do what I can to help other women find their voices and show men that women who enjoy sex aren't sluts.
  8. I will continue to improve my photography skills. Maybe even learn PhotoShop. 
  9. Somehow I am going to teach my best friend what an introvert is, and that there is nothing wrong with being one, and that she isn't going to change me and has to stop shaming me for loving my alone time.
  10. I will start exploring more in Second Life. I've only seen the very tip of the iceberg and really want to see more. 
  11. I resolve to continue loving the hell out of Hugh. After a year, my knees still get weak and I swoon in his presence... I will work to keep what we have as magical as it is now. This isn't really a resolution... it's too much fun! :-)

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  1. Quite the list! But, I am guessing they are all do-able!
    I personally always tell myself to not only read more blogs (I do read a lot) but : comment!
    The thing is, it is often so easy to just press 'like' and move on and with all the different platforms (I am a WordPress blogger, so I am more inclined to comment to WP blogs as thats dead easy) it is often a drag to, for instance comment to a 'blogspot/blogger' blog for me - captcha's win from my patience....Lazy, I know...and don't get me started on Tumblr!


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